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How to pronounce burly (audio)

Dictionary definition of burly

Strong, robust, and heavily built, typically with a large and muscular physique.
"The burly bouncer kept watch at the entrance of the club."

Detailed meaning of burly

When an individual is characterized as burly, it often suggests that they have a sturdy and imposing physical presence, with well-developed muscles and a solid frame. This term is commonly used to depict individuals who possess significant physical strength and endurance, such as burly athletes, laborers, or bodybuilders. "Burly" underscores the idea of a powerful and substantial build, emphasizing the person's capacity for physical strength and resilience.

Example sentences of burly

1. The burly lumberjack effortlessly swung his axe, chopping through the thick logs.
2. The burly bouncer stood at the entrance, ensuring only invited guests entered the exclusive club.
3. Despite his burly appearance, the gentle giant had a heart of gold.
4. The burly stormtroopers marched in perfect formation, exuding an air of authority.
5. With a burly tug, he managed to free the stuck door and enter the old, abandoned building.
6. The burly chef expertly flipped the massive pancake with a single motion of his spatula.

History and etymology of burly

The adjective 'burly' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'burlich,' which meant 'strong' or 'stout.' Its precise origins are somewhat obscure, but 'burly' is used to describe individuals who are strong, robust, and heavily built, typically with a large and muscular physique. The term embodies the concept of physical strength and brawniness, often associated with those who possess considerable muscularity and power. 'Burly' is a word that characterizes individuals with a formidable and imposing presence, emphasizing their solid and formidable physical stature. It reflects the human capacity for developing and maintaining significant physical strength, underscoring the role of physical prowess in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of burly

1. The burly waves crashed against the rugged cliffs, creating a mesmerizing display of nature's power.
2. In the dimly lit pub, a group of burly sailors sang sea shanties with booming voices.
3. The burly security guard's stern expression made shoplifters think twice before attempting anything.
4. With his burly arms, he hoisted the heavy crate onto his shoulder and carried it effortlessly.
5. The burly blacksmith hammered the red-hot metal on the anvil, shaping it into a formidable sword.
6. A burly stray dog roamed the streets, its intimidating appearance belying its friendly nature.
7. The burly construction workers toiled under the scorching sun, building the towering skyscraper.
8. She approached the burly police officer to ask for directions, feeling a tad intimidated.
9. The burly athlete broke the world record, lifting an astonishing amount of weight with ease.
10. As the burly cowboy rode into town, all eyes turned to admire his rugged charm.
11. The burly mechanic fixed the car's engine, his grease-stained hands showcasing his expertise.
12. With a burly shove, he managed to move the massive rock blocking the path.
13. The burly actor's booming voice commanded attention whenever he stepped on stage.
14. In the burly arms of his father, the little child felt safe and protected from the world.



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