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How to pronounce cluster (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'cluster'

A group of objects, organisms, or events that are close together or found in a particular area.
"The flowers grew in a cluster, adding a pop of color to the garden."

Detailed meaning of 'cluster'

The term is often used in a variety of contexts, including science, mathematics, and everyday language.

In science, a cluster can refer to a group of stars or galaxies that are close together in space, or a group of cells in biology that are found in a specific area of the body.
In mathematics, a cluster refers to a group of data points that are closely packed together.
In everyday language, a cluster can refer to a group of houses or buildings that are located close together, or a group of people who are gathered in a specific area.

Additionally, cluster can also be used as a verb, meaning to come together in a group or to form a tight grouping. For example, "the grapes clustered on the vine" or "people clustered around the stage to watch the concert."
In general, the term implies that there is a tight grouping or proximity of similar or related elements, and that they are relatively close to each other.

History and etymology of 'cluster'

The noun 'cluster' has its etymology rooted in the Old English word 'clyster,' which referred to a group or bunch of things growing or occurring close together. This Old English term can be traced back further to the Proto-Germanic word 'klustra,' signifying a collection or mass of objects. 'Cluster' etymologically conveys the idea of objects, organisms, or events that are grouped closely together or found in a particular area. It reflects the notion of things being clustered or clustered up, emphasizing their proximity and arrangement in a compact or concentrated form. The term is commonly used in various contexts, such as clusters of stars, clusters of data points, or clusters of buildings, to describe collections that exhibit a close grouping or clustering. Its etymology underscores the idea of items or entities coming together in a defined or concentrated space.

Example sentences containing 'cluster'

1. The restaurant served a cluster of appetizers, allowing diners to sample a variety of dishes.
2. The jewelry designer arranged the pearls in a cluster, creating a unique and elegant necklace.
3. The company's headquarters were located in a cluster of high-rise buildings in the financial district.
4. The hikers followed a cluster of trail markers to find their way through the forest.
5. The scientists studied the genetic makeup of a cluster of cells to understand their function.
6. A mesmerizing cluster of stars adorned the clear night sky, creating a celestial masterpiece.
7. The well-tended garden boasted a vibrant cluster of flowers in various shapes and colors, attracting pollinators.
8. As the doors opened, a eager cluster of customers eagerly awaited entry, hoping to snag the latest releases.
9. Astronomers used powerful telescopes to study a distant cluster of galaxies, unraveling the mysteries of the universe.
10. In the schoolyard, a cheerful cluster of students gathered for a group photo, capturing memories of their friendship.
11. The bustling city skyline was dominated by a towering cluster of skyscrapers, a testament to urban development.
12. Deep in the forest, we stumbled upon a hidden cluster of mushrooms, each with its unique shape and color.
13. In the vineyard, a bountiful cluster of grapes hung from the vines, promising a fruitful harvest.
14. Along the coastline, a picturesque cluster of islands beckoned adventurers and explorers.
15. Within the meeting room, a well-arranged cluster of chairs awaited attendees, ready for discussions and decisions.
16. A cluster of unexpected events, including bad weather and road closures, led to the unfortunate accident.
17. The renowned vineyard produced a remarkable cluster of wine varieties, each with its distinct flavor profile.
18. During the brainstorming session, a creative cluster of ideas flowed freely, inspiring innovative solutions.
19. Nestled in the valley, a charming cluster of houses formed a tight-knit village, fostering a sense of community.
20. The frustrating traffic jam resulted from a dense cluster of cars converging on the main thoroughfare.
21. In her brain, a complex cluster of neurons fired rapidly, processing thoughts and emotions.
22. The university library offered a quiet cluster of study desks, providing students with a peaceful place to work.
23. Above, a harmonious cluster of birds filled the sky with their melodious songs, signaling the arrival of spring.
24. A distant star was at the center of a fascinating cluster of planets and celestial bodies, each with its unique characteristics.
25. The bustling market was alive with a diverse cluster of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts.



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