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How to pronounce coax (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'coax'

To gently and persistently persuade, encourage, or entice someone to do something, often by using kind words, gestures, or actions.
"The children try to coax their father into telling them a bedtime story."

Detailed meaning of 'coax'

When you coax someone, you employ a gentle and friendly approach to convince or motivate them, particularly when they might be hesitant, uncertain, or resistant. Coaxing involves employing tact, empathy, and patience to gradually influence or guide someone towards a desired outcome or action. It can involve employing praise, flattery, promises, or rewards to win someone's trust and cooperation. Coaxing can also involve employing soothing or comforting words to alleviate someone's fears or concerns. The verb 'coax' implies a gentle and nurturing approach to influence someone's decision, behavior, or mindset, emphasizing the art of persuasion through encouragement and kindness.

History and etymology of 'coax'

The verb 'coax' has a charming etymology that can be traced back to the Old French word 'cajoler,' meaning 'to cajole or flatter.' This Old French term, in turn, likely came from the late Latin word 'cocaliare,' which meant 'to chatter like a bird' or 'to sing softly.' The imagery of gentle persuasion through soothing words, akin to the soft cooing of a bird, is embedded in the word's origins. As 'cajoler' made its way into Middle English and eventually evolved into 'coax,' it retained this sense of using kind words, gestures, or actions to gently and persistently persuade or encourage someone. Recognizing the etymology of 'coax' allows us to appreciate its historical connection to the art of sweet-talking and charming persuasion.

Example sentences containing 'coax'

1. She gently coaxed the scared puppy out from behind the couch.
2. They used humor to coax their friend into joining the karaoke night.
3. The breathtaking view from the summit coaxed them to hike further.
4. The coach used encouragement to coax the team to victory.
5. He tried to coax his stubborn plant into thriving with extra care.
6. I will coax the cat out from under the bed with some treats.
7. She tries to coax her plants to grow by talking to them gently every day.
8. Can you coax the dog into the bathtub for his bath?
9. The magician knows how to coax a rabbit out of a hat.
10. We must coax the two parties into negotiating for peace.
11. The trainers coax the dolphins to perform tricks with fish as rewards.
12. The mother bird tries to coax her chicks out of the nest by bringing them food.
13. With a little honey on a spoon, you can coax a hummingbird to eat from your hand.
14. She hopes to coax a smile out of her grumpy neighbor with her jokes.
15. The conductor uses his baton to coax a beautiful melody from the orchestra.
16. The salesman tries to coax the customers into buying the latest products.
17. With patience, you can coax a frightened animal into trusting you.
18. The coach is known to coax the best performance out of his athletes.
19. He can coax any computer back to life; it's like magic!
20. We need to coax the community into participating in the neighborhood cleanup.
21. The aroma of freshly baked cookies will coax everyone into the kitchen.
22. She tries to coax the shy kitten to play with a ball of yarn.
23. The gardeners coax the roses to bloom with special care and attention.
24. Let’s coax the campfire into a blaze by adding some dry leaves and twigs.



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