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How to pronounce commorancy (audio)

Dictionary definition of commorancy

A somewhat archaic term that refers to a place of permanent residence or dwelling.
"The old cottage by the river served as their beloved commorancy for generations."

Detailed meaning of commorancy

While not commonly used in modern language, it describes a location where individuals or families make their homes, carrying out their daily lives and seeking shelter and comfort. Commorancy can refer to various types of living spaces, including houses, apartments, or any other type of habitation. It emphasizes the notion of a place where people reside and create a sense of belonging, where they build memories, connect with their communities, and find refuge from the outside world. Though less common today, commorancy conveys the fundamental concept of a living space and its significance in people's lives.

Example sentences of commorancy

1. His commorancy, nestled in the quiet countryside, offered a peaceful escape from city life.
2. Finding a suitable commorancy in the heart of the bustling metropolis was a real challenge.
3. She made her commorancy in a cozy apartment with a stunning view of the city skyline.
4. The historic manor became a luxurious commorancy for the wealthy family who owned it.
5. The seaside commorancy provided the perfect backdrop for their summer vacations.
6. Repairing the leaky roof became a top priority for the owner of the commorancy.

History and etymology of commorancy

The noun 'commorancy' is a somewhat archaic term that refers to a place of permanent residence or dwelling. Its origins can be traced back to Latin, specifically the word 'commorantia,' derived from 'commorari,' which means 'to dwell together' or 'to reside.' In Latin, 'commorantia' described the act of living together or residing in a particular place. As the English language evolved, it incorporated this term to describe a place of residence or dwelling, often with a sense of permanence. While 'commorancy' is not commonly used in contemporary language, its etymology reflects the concept of a place where individuals dwell or reside together, emphasizing the idea of a fixed or permanent abode.

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Further usage examples of commorancy

1. The remote cabin served as a tranquil commorancy, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
2. Their commorancy, a charming Victorian house, was a source of pride for the neighborhood.
3. The sprawling estate served as a commorancy for the aging aristocrat and his numerous servants.
4. A modest apartment in the city center was her first commorancy after leaving her hometown.
5. The commorancy on the hill had an enchanting garden filled with colorful flowers.
6. The cozy commorancy was filled with the warmth of family gatherings during the holidays.
7. After years of traveling, she finally found a commorancy where she felt truly at home.
8. The small cottage by the lake was a rustic commorancy for nature enthusiasts.
9. The remote commorancy had no electricity, making it a true retreat from modern life.
10. The grand commorancy was the centerpiece of the historic district, attracting tourists year-round.
11. They decided to remodel their commorancy to create a more functional living space.
12. The medieval castle had been transformed into an elegant commorancy fit for a king.
13. Her minimalist commorancy reflected her preference for simplicity and order in life.
14. Their ancestral commorancy had been in the family for generations.
15. The castle served as a majestic commorancy for the nobility.
16. In the heart of the city, their penthouse was their commorancy.
17. The rustic cottage by the lake was their idyllic commorancy.
18. The old mansion stood as a historic commorancy in the town.
19. She dreamed of finding a charming commorancy in the countryside.
20. His cozy cabin in the woods was his peaceful commorancy.
21. The urban apartment became their bustling commorancy.
22. The beachfront villa was their luxurious commorancy for vacations.
23. The monastery offered monks a simple commorancy for reflection.
24. The quaint cottage served as their beloved commorancy.



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