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ally, enemy, rival, opponent


Prefix com-, Admiration and Respect, Aid and Assistance, Collaboration and Teamwork, Dedication and Devotion, Companionship and Support, Devotion and Discipline, Middle School 4, Connections and Interactions



How to pronounce comrade (audio)


Dictionary definition of comrade

A person who shares a common interest, cause, or experience with another.
"He considered her a trusted comrade in their shared mission."

Detailed meaning of comrade

It is often used to describe a fellow member of a group or organization, such as a political party, labor union, or military unit. The term "comrade" is often associated with a sense of camaraderie, solidarity, and mutual support, and is frequently used in contexts where individuals are working towards a shared goal or objective. Comrades may also share a sense of history or shared experience, such as having served together in the military or having been involved in a particular social or political movement. In some contexts, the term "comrade" may also carry political or ideological connotations, such as in socialist or communist movements where it is used as a term of address among members. Overall, the term "comrade" suggests a sense of shared identity, mutual respect, and a commitment to a common cause or purpose.

Example sentences containing comrade

1. He considered her a trusted comrade in their shared quest for justice.
2. The soldiers formed a tight-knit bond as comrades in arms.
3. As colleagues, they evolved into close comrades over the years.
4. Meeting fellow environmentalists, she felt like a comrade in the fight for conservation.
5. Their dedication to the cause made them steadfast comrades.
6. In the world of literature, they found kindred comrades who understood their passion.

History and etymology of comrade

The noun 'comrade' has its origins in the late Middle English word 'camerade,' which was borrowed from the Old French 'camerade' and ultimately derived from the Latin 'camera,' meaning 'room' or 'chamber.' In its earliest usage, 'comrade' referred to someone who shared a sleeping chamber or room, particularly in military or communal settings. Over time, the term evolved to encompass a broader sense of camaraderie and companionship. Today, 'comrade' signifies a person who shares a common interest, cause, or experience with another, often implying a sense of close friendship and mutual support. The etymology of 'comrade' highlights its historical association with shared spaces and the development of strong bonds among those who lived or worked together, leading to a sense of solidarity and friendship.

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Further usage examples of comrade

1. Comrades in the tech industry exchanged ideas and innovations.
2. During the protest, they stood shoulder to shoulder as comrades for change.
3. The volunteers worked together as comrades to aid disaster victims.
4. He relied on his comrades in the theater community for creative inspiration.
5. Through shared experiences, they became lifelong comrades in friendship.
6. The soldier saluted his fallen comrade with a heavy heart.
7. A loyal comrade always has your back in times of trouble.
8. She confided in her comrade about her personal struggles.
9. The activist addressed the crowd, urging them to stand together as comrades.
10. He relied on his comrade's expertise to complete the project.
11. The two childhood friends grew up as close comrades.
12. In the face of adversity, they leaned on each other as comrades.
13. The comrade's sacrifice was commemorated with a memorial service.
14. Their shared experiences in the war bound them as lifelong comrades.
15. She met her comrade during a volunteering trip abroad.
16. He lost contact with his old comrade after they moved to different cities.
17. The comrade's words of encouragement motivated everyone in the group.
18. A true comrade offers support and loyalty without hesitation.
19. They reunited as comrades after many years apart.
20. His comrade's dedication to the cause inspired him to do more.
21. The comrade's absence was felt deeply by the team.
22. Their bond as comrades was forged through years of shared challenges.
23. The comrade's unwavering commitment to justice was admirable.
24. The activist community mourned the loss of a beloved comrade.

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