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How to pronounce sociable (audio)

Dictionary definition of sociable

Inclined or disposed to seek and enjoy the company of others.
"Brenda is a sociable person who enjoys attending parties and meeting new people."

Detailed meaning of sociable

It describes individuals who are naturally outgoing, friendly, and comfortable in social situations. Sociable individuals tend to thrive in group settings, engaging in conversations, and actively participating in social activities. They often possess good communication skills and are adept at fostering connections and building relationships with others. Being sociable involves a genuine interest in interacting with people, enjoying socializing, and feeling energized by social engagements. Such individuals are often seen as approachable, affable, and easy to get along with, making them well-suited to collaborative environments and fostering a sense of community.

Example sentences containing sociable

1. The sociable dog eagerly wagged its tail and greeted everyone it encountered at the park.
2. John's sociable nature makes him a great team player and a valuable asset in group projects.
3. Mary's sociable personality shines through as she effortlessly strikes up conversations with strangers.
4. The sociable neighbor frequently hosts barbecues and gatherings for the entire community.
5. Michael's sociable nature makes him the life of the party wherever he goes.
6. The sociable cat eagerly approached visitors, seeking attention and affection.

History and etymology of sociable

The adjective 'sociable' traces its origins to the Latin word 'sociabilis,' meaning 'close, allied, or associated.' 'Sociabilis' is derived from 'socius,' meaning 'companion' or 'ally.' In the late 16th century, 'sociable' made its way into the English language, embodying the essence of companionship and the inclination to seek and enjoy the company of others. It is a word that encapsulates the human propensity for social interaction, capturing the spirit of togetherness and mutual association that is fundamental to the human experience. Over the centuries, 'sociable' has remained prevalent in the English language, describing individuals who are friendly, outgoing, and inclined to engage in social activities.

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Further usage examples of sociable

1. Lisa's sociable disposition makes her a sought-after companion for social events and outings.
2. The sociable child easily made friends on the first day of school and quickly became popular.
3. David's sociable attitude creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the office.
4. The sociable group of friends regularly organized get-togethers and outings to strengthen their bond.
5. Despite being an introvert, Jane still possessed a sociable side and enjoyed intimate gatherings with close friends.
6. Maria is undeniably sociable, always eager to engage in lively conversations.
7. His sociable nature makes him the life of every party he attends.
8. The sociable dog happily greeted every passerby at the park.
9. Being sociable, she effortlessly builds connections with new people.
10. A sociable evening spent with friends is all I need to unwind.
11. Jake's sociable demeanor draws people to him like a magnet.
12. Her sociable personality shines during group activities.
13. The sociable atmosphere of the coffee shop encourages conversation.
14. I find solace in the sociable ambiance of bustling city streets.
15. Even introverts can be sociable when surrounded by close friends.
16. Sarah's sociable disposition makes her a fantastic event organizer.
17. The club's sociable members enjoy weekly meetups.
18. He's a sociable traveler, always eager to make new friends abroad.
19. The sociable nature of online gaming allows for global connections.
20. A sociable outlook can open doors to various career opportunities.
21. The workplace benefits from a sociable and collaborative culture.
22. College life fosters a sociable environment for students to flourish.
23. Social media platforms make it easy to be sociable from afar.
24. Sociable hobbies like dancing bring people together.
25. The sociable atmosphere of the neighborhood barbecue delighted everyone.



friendly, antisocial, unfriendly, aloof


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