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How to pronounce conjure (audio)


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Dictionary definition of conjure

To bring forth or summon something, often through the power of imagination, incantation, or magical means.
"I will conjure a delicious meal from the ingredients in the pantry."


Detailed meaning of conjure

When one conjures, they evoke or create something in a seemingly supernatural or extraordinary manner. It can involve calling forth images, ideas, or sensations in one's mind or bringing a particular concept or entity into existence. Conjuring often implies a sense of creativity, imagination, and mystique. It can also involve the act of producing or manifesting something through deliberate effort, as if by magic. Additionally, "conjure" can refer to the act of using words, spells, or rituals to invoke supernatural beings or forces. Overall, "conjure" encapsulates the act of summoning, creating, or evoking something, whether it be through imagination, magic, or ritualistic practices.

Example sentences containing conjure

1. With a flick of her wand, she could conjure dreams into reality.
2. The ancient spellbook held secrets to conjure mystical creatures.
3. His vivid storytelling could conjure distant lands in an instant.
4. They hoped to conjure up the courage to face their fears.
5. The magician's hands moved deftly to conjure a bouquet of roses.
6. Late at night, the haunted mansion seemed to conjure eerie sounds.

History and etymology of conjure

The verb 'conjure' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'conjurare,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'jurare' meaning 'to swear' or 'to take an oath.' This etymology intriguingly conveys the essence of 'conjure' as the act of summoning or bringing something forth by invoking a collective oath or agreement, often through the power of imagination, incantation, or even magical means. It implies the idea of conjuring something into existence through a solemn or supernatural process. Over time, 'conjure' has come to be associated with invoking or creating something, whether real or imagined, through the power of words or rituals. The term 'conjure' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of invoking or summoning, highlighting the mystical and imaginative aspects often associated with the word.

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Further usage examples of conjure

1. Her laughter had the power to conjure joy in even the darkest moments.
2. In the candlelit room, they attempted to conjure the spirit of a lost loved one.
3. The wizard needed to conjure a protective barrier to ward off danger.
4. With a wave of the wand, the sorcerer could conjure a storm.
5. The enchanting melody of the flute could conjure memories of a distant past.
6. The magician will conjure a rabbit out of his hat.
7. She can conjure vivid images in her mind.
8. They tried to conjure up the courage to face their fears.
9. The witch whispered incantations to conjure a spell.
10. He could conjure melodies effortlessly on his guitar.
11. The illusionist can conjure objects out of thin air.
12. The novelist has the ability to conjure captivating worlds in her stories.
13. The shaman used herbs and chants to conjure healing energy.
14. I will conjure up a solution to this problem.
15. The wizard waved his wand to conjure a protective shield.
16. She tried to conjure a smile despite her sadness.
17. The children pretended to conjure potions in their play.
18. The sorcerer could conjure fire with a simple gesture.
19. The painter could conjure emotions with each brushstroke.
20. The magician's trick was to conjure a bouquet of flowers from an empty hat.
21. He used his imagination to conjure up fantastical creatures.
22. The poet's words had the power to conjure intense emotions.
23. The ritual involved chanting to conjure the spirit of the ancestors.
24. She liked to close her eyes and conjure up memories of her childhood.



summon, dismiss, repel, ignore


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