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How to pronounce constrain (audio)


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Dictionary definition of constrain

To limit, restrict, or confine someone or something within certain boundaries, parameters, or limitations.
"Tight deadlines always constrain my creativity."

Detailed meaning of constrain

It involves imposing restrictions or controls that inhibit freedom, movement, or action. When you constrain something, you exert influence or pressure to keep it within prescribed limits or prevent it from exceeding a particular threshold. This can apply to physical, social, or conceptual contexts. For example, in a physical sense, you might use restraints to constrain a person's movement or bind an object tightly. In a social sense, norms and regulations can constrain behavior by setting expectations and boundaries. In a conceptual sense, constraints can be applied to ideas or solutions to ensure they meet specific criteria or comply with given requirements. Overall, the verb "constrain" implies a deliberate effort to confine or limit something within defined parameters or to hold it back from surpassing certain limits.

Example sentences containing constrain

1. The policies of the government often constrain the growth of small businesses.
2. Tight budgets constrain the range of options for social programs.
3. Ethics should always constrain our behavior and choices.
4. These rules constrain us from reaching our full potential.
5. Laws constrain people from acting against societal norms.
6. Regulations often constrain the activities of financial institutions.

History and etymology of constrain

The verb 'constrain' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'constringere,' which is formed from 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'stringere' meaning 'to bind' or 'to tie.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'constrain' as the act of figuratively binding or tying things together, limiting or restricting them within certain boundaries, parameters, or limitations. It implies a deliberate effort to control or confine someone or something, often to maintain order or compliance with rules. The term 'constrain' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of binding or restricting, highlighting the idea of imposing limitations or boundaries on actions, behaviors, or movements.

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Further usage examples of constrain

1. Myriad factors constrain the expansion of renewable energy.
2. Traditional thinking can sometimes constrain creative innovation.
3. Unfavorable weather conditions constrain outdoor activities.
4. Prejudices can constrain us from accepting others' perspectives.
5. The tight timeframe will constrain our ability to complete the project.
6. The limitations of the medium constrain the artist's expression.
7. Economic barriers often constrain access to higher education.
8. Current technology can constrain the progress of scientific research.
9. High expectations can constrain a person's happiness.
10. Strict rules of the institution constrain student freedom.
11. Poverty can often constrain a child's educational opportunities.
12. Our current resources constrain the range of feasible options.
13. Structural inequities can constrain social mobility.
14. Personal biases can constrain objective decision-making.



restrict, free, release, liberate


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