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How to pronounce converge (audio)


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Dictionary definition of converge

To come together or meet at a common point, either physically or metaphorically.
"The two rivers converge at the base of the mountain."


Detailed meaning of converge

In a physical sense, it often refers to objects or people moving toward a central location or meeting at a specific place. For example, a group of friends might converge at a cafe for a gathering. In a metaphorical sense, "converge" describes the process of ideas, opinions, or events gradually coming together or reaching a similar conclusion. It implies a meeting of minds or a shared focus on a particular goal or outcome. This word emphasizes the concept of unity, alignment, or intersection, highlighting the merging of various elements into a single point or direction.

Example sentences containing converge

1. Every year, thousands of birds converge in the south for the winter.
2. As the two armies converge on the battlefield, tension mounts in the surrounding villages.
3. During the annual conference, experts in various fields converge to share their latest findings.
4. The two rivers converge at this point, forming a larger, more powerful waterway.
5. Despite their differences, the couple's dreams and goals eventually converge.
6. All major highways converge in the capital, making it a hub for transportation.

History and etymology of converge

The verb 'converge' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'convergere,' where 'con-' means 'together,' and 'vergere' means 'to bend' or 'to incline.' This etymology beautifully captures the essence of 'converge' as an action where multiple elements come together or meet at a common point, either physically or metaphorically. It entered the English language in the late 17th century, and since then, 'converge' has been used to describe the process of elements or ideas merging toward a central focus or meeting point. Whether it's the convergence of roads, thoughts, interests, or data, the term 'converge' emphasizes the idea of things uniting or aligning in a harmonious or unified manner.

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Further usage examples of converge

1. Several different cultures converge in this city, creating a vibrant and diverse community.
2. Different theories converge to suggest that the universe is constantly expanding.
3. The paths of the planets converge at certain points in their orbits, leading to spectacular celestial events.
4. As the two marches converge in the city center, the crowd erupts in cheers and applause.
5. The interests of the employer and the employee often converge, leading to a productive and harmonious work environment.
6. Several crisis hotlines converge into a central system to provide comprehensive support to those in need.
7. The best solutions often emerge when the brightest minds converge to brainstorm ideas.
8. At the summit, the world's leaders converge to discuss pressing global issues.
9. The three sisters, living in different parts of the world, converge at their childhood home for a family reunion.
10. The different branches of the river converge into a single stream before reaching the sea.
11. Historically, trade routes converge at strategic points, leading to the development of prosperous cities.
12. The migrating birds converge at specific locations, known as stopover sites, to rest and refuel.
13. As the parade routes converge, the celebration reaches its peak with a spectacular fireworks display.
14. The rivers converge at this point, creating a breathtaking confluence of waters.
15. Our different perspectives on the project eventually converge into a unified vision.
16. The two hiking trails converge at the summit, offering stunning panoramic views.
17. Ideas from various team members converge to form the foundation of our plan.
18. The city's bustling streets converge at the central square, a hub of activity.
19. As the deadline approaches, all efforts converge to complete the task on time.
20. Paths of destiny may converge unexpectedly, leading to profound life changes.
21. The intricate plotlines of the novel gradually converge in a thrilling climax.
22. Economic factors often converge to shape the course of global markets.
23. In the chaos of the protest, protesters converge to voice their collective demands.
24. Scientists hope their research will converge toward a breakthrough in medicine.


meet, diverge, separate, scatter


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