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converge, diverge, separate, part


Prefix inter-, TOEFL 11, High School 4, Actions and Manoeuvres



How to pronounce intersect (audio)


Dictionary definition of intersect

To cross paths or meet at a common point between two or more entities, typically represented by lines, paths, or objects in physical space.
"The circles intersect at two points."

Detailed meaning of intersect

It signifies the moment when these entities come into contact or share a common region. In a literal sense, it describes the meeting or crossing of lines, roads, or geometric shapes at a particular point or points. The concept of intersection extends beyond the physical realm and can be applied to various abstract domains as well. For instance, ideas or interests can intersect when they align or overlap, leading to shared understanding or collaboration. In mathematics, the term "intersect" is often used to describe the point(s) at which two or more geometric figures or sets meet. Overall, the verb "intersect" denotes the convergence or overlap of separate entities, whether in a physical, conceptual, or symbolic context.

Example sentences containing intersect

1. At dawn, the two lonely paths intersect, offering a meeting point for lost souls.
2. Highways of different worlds intersect, weaving a mosaic of myriad journeys.
3. In the city's heart, diverse cultures intersect, pulsating life's vibrant rhythm.
4. In the vast universe, destinies intersect, scripting cosmic tales untold.
5. Dreams and reality often intersect, blurring lines, crafting a magical world.
6. Rivers of thought and creativity intersect, birthing islands of innovation.

History and etymology of intersect

The verb 'intersect' originates from the Latin word 'intersectus,' which is a past participle of 'intersecare.' 'Intersecare' is formed from 'inter,' meaning 'between,' and 'secare,' meaning 'to cut' or 'to divide.' Etymologically, 'intersect' conveys the notion of cutting or dividing between two or more entities, causing them to cross paths or meet at a common point. This term is often used in the context of lines, paths, or physical objects in space, indicating the point of convergence or crossing between them. It highlights the idea of entities intersecting at a specific juncture or intersection, emphasizing their mutual connection at that particular location.

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Further usage examples of intersect

1. Our life lines, distinct yet parallel, intersect, scripting a common narrative.
2. Shadows and light gracefully intersect, painting dusk with a mystic allure.
3. In silent woods, trails of beasts and men intersect, echoing ancient dialogues.
4. Oceans of stars in the endless sky intersect, weaving constellations mystical.
5. Realms of the known and unknown intersect, where secrets of existence lurk.
6. The two roads intersect near the old mill.
7. At what point do the two lines intersect?
8. The bicycle lanes intersect with the pedestrian walkways.
9. When their paths intersect, they always stop to chat.
10. The wires should never intersect in this circuit configuration.
11. The two rivers intersect before flowing into the lake.
12. Their interests intersect in the realm of environmental activism.
13. The main hallway and the corridor intersect at the atrium.
14. The new train lines intersect at the city center.
15. These thematic elements intersect throughout the novel.
16. The two fields of study intersect in interdisciplinary research.
17. If you follow these paths, they'll eventually intersect.
18. The shadows intersect, creating an interesting pattern on the wall.
19. The beams of light intersect at the focal point.
20. Where the colors intersect, a new hue is created.
21. The highways intersect, allowing for an interchange of traffic.
22. The two characters' storylines intersect later in the film.
23. The safety guidelines intersect with health regulations in certain areas.
24. The old town’s streets intersect in an irregular pattern.

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