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How to pronounce corporal (audio)

Dictionary definition of corporal

The physical body of a human or animal, specifically the flesh and bones that make up its structure.
"Corporal punishment is no longer allowed in schools."

Detailed meaning of corporal

The term is derived from the Latin word "corpus," which means "body." It is often used in the context of military or law enforcement, where a corporal is a non-commissioned officer who holds a rank above a private but below a sergeant. However, the term can also be used more broadly to refer to any physical or bodily matter, such as in the phrase "corporal punishment," which denotes physical discipline or chastisement. Overall, the noun 'corporal' pertains to the tangible and material aspects of a living being, particularly in contrast to the mental or spiritual dimensions.

Example sentences containing corporal

1. The sergeant delivered the corporal punishment to the disobedient soldier.
2. He rose through the ranks from private to corporal in a short time.
3. The book delved into the experiences of corporal punishment in schools.
4. The corporal works diligently to maintain order in the barracks.
5. The corporal's leadership skills were recognized during training.
6. Corporal punishment is a controversial topic in education.

History and etymology of corporal

The noun 'corporal' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'corpus,' which means 'body.' Over time, 'corporal' evolved in English to refer to the physical body of a human or animal, encompassing the flesh and bones that constitute its structure. In this sense, it emphasizes the tangible, material aspect of the living organism. The term 'corporal' is often used in contrast to the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of existence, highlighting the physicality and materiality of the body. This etymology underscores the longstanding importance of the concept of the body in understanding and describing human and animal life.

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Further usage examples of corporal

1. The corporal led the platoon with discipline and dedication.
2. The corporal's attention to detail was evident in his impeccable uniform.
3. The corporal oversaw the drill exercises for the new recruits.
4. The corporal's guidance helped the team accomplish their mission.
5. The military ceremony included the promotion of several privates to corporal.
6. Corporal discipline was enforced to ensure proper conduct.
7. The corporal's bravery earned him a medal of honor.
8. The corporal assisted in organizing the unit's logistics.
9. The corporal's experience in combat situations proved invaluable.
10. Corporal punishment is now banned in many educational institutions.
11. The corporal's mentorship inspired many young soldiers.
12. The corporal demonstrated exceptional marksmanship skills.
13. The corporal shared stories of his deployments with the recruits.
14. Corporal duties include maintaining equipment and ensuring readiness.



bodily, intangible, spiritual, mental


SAT 10 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 5, Anatomy and Biology

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