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Definition of 'artful'

Skillful, clever, or adept at employing one's artistic abilities.
"The writer's artful storytelling captivated readers from beginning to end."

Detailed Meaning of 'artful'

It implies proficiency and craftsmanship in the creation of art, whether it be visual arts, performing arts, or literary works. Secondly, artful can denote someone who is crafty, cunning, or sly in their actions or behavior. In this sense, it suggests a person who is adept at manipulating or deceiving others, often using their cleverness or ingenuity to achieve their desired outcomes. Additionally, artful can describe something that is skillfully done or executed, demonstrating creativity and an attention to aesthetic detail. It suggests that an object, design, or composition has been created with artistic finesse or aesthetic sensibility. Furthermore, artful can imply a subtle or clever approach to communication or persuasion, involving the skillful use of language or rhetoric to convey a particular message or influence others. Overall, artful conveys the notions of skillfulness in artistry, cunningness, aesthetic quality, and cleverness in communication, depending on the specific context in which it is used.


Examples of 'artful' in a Sentence

1. The artful brushstrokes of the painting showcased the artist's skill and creativity.
2. She crafted an artful response that elegantly addressed the concerns raised.
3. The magician's artful tricks left the audience in awe and wonder.
4. The chef prepared an artful presentation of the dish, making it as visually appealing as it was delicious.
5. He devised an artful plan to outsmart his opponents and secure victory.
6. The artful negotiation tactics allowed her to secure a favorable deal.

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Origins & Etymology of 'artful'

The adjective 'artful' derives its etymology from the word 'art,' which has its roots in the Latin term 'ars' or 'artis,' signifying skill, craft, or technique. In Old English, 'artful' was originally 'ærtful,' and it referred to someone who possessed artistic skill or craftsmanship. Over time, the meaning of 'artful' expanded to encompass not only artistic talent but also cleverness, skillfulness, and adeptness in various endeavors. This evolution highlights the connection between artistic abilities and other forms of skillful or clever behavior. Therefore, the etymology of 'artful' reflects its historical association with both artistic prowess and general dexterity, underscoring its versatile usage in the English language.

How to pronounce artful (audio)


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