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How to pronounce besotted (audio)

Dictionary definition of besotted

Extremely infatuated or obsessed with someone or something, typically to the point of being irrational or blind to any flaws or shortcomings.
"He was besotted with her from the moment they met."

Detailed meaning of besotted

When someone is besotted, they are completely enamored and captivated by the object of their affection, often to the extent that it affects their judgment and reasoning. This term is often used in the context of romantic relationships, suggesting that a person is so deeply in love that they can't see any faults in their partner. However, "besotted" can also apply to a strong fascination or preoccupation with anything, such as a hobby, an idea, or an obsession with a celebrity. It conveys a sense of being overwhelmed by intense feelings or admiration, often to the detriment of clear-headed thinking or objectivity.

Example sentences of besotted

1. He was utterly besotted with her, unable to focus on anything else.
2. The young man appeared besotted by the captivating singer.
3. She was besotted with her new job, working long hours with enthusiasm.
4. Their besotted smiles revealed the depth of their affection.
5. He became besotted with collecting vintage vinyl records.
6. The artist was besotted with capturing the beauty of nature in his paintings.

History and etymology of besotted

The term 'besotted' finds its origins in Middle English, where it was originally used in the form of 'besot,' which meant 'to make a fool of' or 'to become infatuated.' The word can be broken down into two parts: 'be,' which serves as an intensifier, and 'sot,' an old English word for a foolish person. Over time, the meaning of 'besotted' evolved to describe a state of extreme infatuation or obsession with someone or something, often to the extent of being irrational or blind to any flaws or shortcomings in one's object of affection or interest. Thus, the etymology of 'besotted' reflects the idea of becoming so enamored or infatuated that one behaves like a fool.

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Further usage examples of besotted

1. Despite her friends' warnings, she remained besotted with the charming but unreliable man.
2. The couple's besotted devotion to each other was evident in their every glance.
3. His friends couldn't understand why he was besotted with a video game.
4. Her besotted admiration for the actor was unwavering.
5. The fans were besotted with the rock band, following them on tour.
6. Despite the challenges, he remained besotted with his dream of becoming an astronaut.
7. The detective was besotted with solving the mysterious case.
8. She was besotted by the idea of traveling the world.
9. His besotted obsession with classic cars led to an impressive collection.
10. The entrepreneur was besotted with his innovative business idea.
11. Her besotted love for animals led her to adopt countless pets.
12. He was besotted with the idea of restoring an old farmhouse.
13. The chef was besotted with creating unique and delicious dishes.
14. Their besotted commitment to environmental conservation inspired others to take action.
15. He was absolutely besotted with her from the moment they met.
16. The young prince was so besotted with the commoner that he abdicated the throne for her.
17. Besotted by the charm of the old city, the couple decided to move there.
18. The kitten's playful antics left the family besotted.
19. The critics were besotted with the new artist's unique style.
20. Besotted with his new car, he spent hours every day just driving around.
21. The fans were besotted by the band's new album, playing it on repeat.
22. The small town was besotted with the charismatic mayor who brought positive changes.
23. Besotted by the smell of the bakery, he couldn't resist going in every day.
24. The child was so besotted with the fairy tale that she made her parents read it to her every night.
25. Besotted with the idea of space travel, he devoted his life to becoming an astronaut.
26. The audience was besotted with the theater production, giving it a standing ovation.



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