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How to pronounce debacle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of debacle

A complete failure or collapse, especially one that is spectacular or embarrassing.
"The political debacle led to the resignation of several high-ranking officials."

Detailed meaning of debacle

It can also describe a scarcity or deficiency of something. For example, a dearth of resources is a shortage or lack of resources that are needed or in demand. A dearth of skilled labor is a shortage or lack of skilled labor that is needed or in demand. The term is often used to describe a situation in which there is a shortage or lack of something that is needed or in demand, and that is therefore seen as being a problem or a challenge. It can also be used more generally to describe a scarcity or deficiency of something.

Example sentences containing debacle

1. The financial debacle left many people bankrupt and ruined.
2. The political debacle led to the resignation of several high-ranking officials.
3. The military debacle was a complete disaster, and the army was forced to retreat.
4. The company's foray into the international market ended in a complete debacle.
5. The sporting event was a complete debacle, with both teams performing poorly.
6. The project was a debacle from the start, and it was clear that it would never succeed.

History and etymology of debacle

The noun 'debacle' has an interesting etymology rooted in the French language. It is derived from the French word 'débâcle,' which originally referred to the breaking up or breaking of ice in a river during the spring thaw. This word can be traced back to the Old French term 'desbacler,' which means 'to unbar' or 'to clear a path.' Over time, the meaning of 'débâcle' extended metaphorically to describe any sudden and disastrous event, particularly one marked by a chaotic and spectacular collapse. When we use the term 'debacle' in English, it signifies a complete failure or collapse, often in a dramatic or embarrassing manner, akin to the chaotic breakup of ice in a river during a thaw, reflecting its historical association with sudden and spectacular calamity.

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Further usage examples of debacle

1. The financial meltdown was a complete debacle, and many people lost their life savings.
2. The investment turned out to be a complete debacle, and he lost all of his money.
3. The concert was a debacle, with technical issues and poor performances.
4. The school's fundraiser was a complete debacle, with very little money raised.
5. The relationship ended in a complete debacle, with both parties walking away hurt and angry.
6. The political campaign was a complete debacle, and the candidate was soundly defeated.
7. The film was a critical and financial debacle, and the studio lost a lot of money.
8. The party was a complete debacle, with fights breaking out and the police being called.
9. The company's expansion plans ended in a complete debacle, with the new branches performing poorly and causing financial losses.
10. The product launch turned into a marketing debacle.
11. The team's performance in the game was a complete debacle.
12. The political scandal became a national debacle.
13. The financial debacle resulted in massive losses.
14. The company's merger was a costly debacle.
15. The movie's poor reviews turned it into a box office debacle.
16. The project's planning was a logistical debacle.
17. The restaurant's grand opening was a culinary debacle.
18. The software update turned into a technical debacle.
19. The diplomatic negotiations ended in a peace treaty debacle.
20. The failed experiment was a scientific debacle.
21. The public relations debacle tarnished the company's image.
22. The construction project became a budgetary debacle.
23. The social media campaign turned into a PR debacle.
24. The party's organization was a logistical debacle.



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