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How to pronounce fiasco (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fiasco

A situation or event that goes completely wrong and is a humiliating failure.
"The company's financial mismanagement turned into a huge fiscal fiasco."

Detailed meaning of fiasco

It can also be used to describe a person or thing that is a complete failure or a total disappointment. A "fiasco" often refers to an event or situation that turns out much worse than expected, and is characterized by a lack of success, organization, or effectiveness.

For instance, a concert, play or performance can be referred as a "fiasco" if the execution is poor and the outcome was far from what was planned, it would be considered a total failure. A project, a campaign or a negotiation can be referred as a "fiasco" if it results in a complete failure and ends in disappointment and frustration.

The term "fiasco" is often used to express frustration, disappointment, and disillusionment, often with a sense of something going wrong in a dramatic or very public way. It is a strong word with a negative connotation.

Example sentences containing fiasco

1. The product launch turned into a fiasco due to technical glitches.
2. Their attempt at team-building was a fiasco, causing more conflict.
3. The dinner party became a fiasco when the chef burned the main course.
4. The political debate devolved into a fiasco of name-calling.
5. The school play was a fiasco due to forgotten lines and props.
6. The company's merger was a fiasco, leading to financial losses.

History and etymology of fiasco

The noun 'fiasco' has its etymological roots in Italian theater. It is derived from the Italian word 'fiasco,' which literally means 'a bottle.' In 18th-century Italian theater, actors used a bottle as a makeshift musical instrument, specifically a bassoon. However, these improvised instruments often produced discordant and comically inept sounds, leading to laughter and ridicule from the audience. As a result, 'fiasco' became associated with theatrical performances that went disastrously wrong and resulted in humiliating failure. This negative connotation later extended beyond the theater to describe any situation or event that ends in a calamitous and embarrassing failure. Therefore, when we refer to a 'fiasco' in modern English, we are invoking its theatrical origins, highlighting a situation or event that has gone completely awry and become a source of humiliation or embarrassment.

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Further usage examples of fiasco

1. The surprise party turned into a fiasco when the guest of honor didn't show up.
2. The fashion show was a fiasco because of wardrobe malfunctions.
3. The expedition to climb the mountain ended in a fiasco due to bad weather.
4. The attempt to reconcile the feuding families ended in a fiasco.
5. The attempt to break the world record turned into a fiasco.
6. The wedding planner's absence led to a fiasco on the big day.
7. The attempt to fix the leaky roof turned into a fiasco.
8. The project was a fiasco because of missed deadlines and errors.
9. The attempt to negotiate peace ended in a fiasco of broken promises.
10. The company's rebranding effort was a fiasco, alienating customers.
11. The family reunion turned into a fiasco when old grudges resurfaced.
12. The attempt to organize the charity event ended in a fiasco.
13. The political rally was a fiasco due to low attendance.
14. The attempt to bake a cake from scratch turned into a fiasco with a collapsed dessert.
15. The wedding planning process was a constant series of small fiascos.
16. The actor's behavior at the award show turned into a public relations fiasco.
17. The concert was a total fiasco - the sound system didn't work and the band was three hours late.
18. The government's handling of the disaster was a complete and utter fiasco.
19. The team's losing streak has turned into a complete fiasco.
20. The fashion show was a complete fiasco - the models couldn't walk in the shoes and half the clothes fell apart.
21. The new rules on immigration turned into a complete fiasco at the airport.
22. The restaurant's new menu was a complete fiasco - no one liked any of the new dishes.
23. The team's performance in the championship game was a complete and utter fiasco.
24. The event planning committee's miscommunication turned the company picnic into a logistical fiasco.
25. The project's deadline was missed, leading to a complete and utter fiasco for the entire team.



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