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Definition of 'duplicitous'

Deceitfulness or double-dealing.
"The duplicitous salesman used false promises to lure unsuspecting customers into purchasing low-quality products."

Detailed Meaning of 'duplicitous'

It describes someone who deliberately presents themselves as honest or trustworthy while concealing their true intentions or engaging in deceptive behavior. A duplicitous individual often manipulates others through dishonesty, trickery, or the deliberate withholding of information. Such behavior can undermine trust and create a sense of betrayal, as the duplicitous person seeks personal gain or advantage at the expense of others' well-being. The term "duplicitous" suggests a calculated and cunning approach, highlighting the untrustworthiness and moral ambiguity of the person or action in question.


Examples of 'duplicitous' in a Sentence

1. The politician's duplicitous statements during the campaign shattered the public's trust in his integrity.
2. Sarah's duplicitous behavior was exposed when her secret agenda came to light.
3. The company's duplicitous accounting practices led to a major scandal and legal repercussions.
4. Mark's duplicitous friendship became evident when he betrayed his closest ally for personal gain.
5. The duplicitous spy skillfully maintained a façade of loyalty while secretly working for the enemy.
6. The CEO's duplicitous actions, such as embezzling company funds, caused the downfall of the once-successful corporation.

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Origins & Etymology of 'duplicitous'

The adjective 'duplicitous' has its etymological roots in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'duplicare,' which means 'to double' or 'to fold in two.' The term 'duplicare' is related to 'duplex,' signifying 'double' or 'twofold.' Therefore, the etymology of 'duplicitous' conveys the idea of deceitfulness or double-dealing, as if one's actions or words are folded in two, presenting a facade or deceptive appearance that hides their true intentions or motives. 'Duplicitous' is used to describe individuals or behaviors that involve a deliberate and often secretive practice of dishonesty or betrayal, reflecting the double nature implied by its Latin origins.


How to pronounce duplicitous (audio)


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