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How to pronounce postponement (audio)

Dictionary definition of postponement

The act of delaying or rescheduling an event, activity, or obligation to a later time or date.
"The postponement of the concert disappointed many fans who had been eagerly anticipating the event."

Detailed meaning of postponement

It involves the decision to put off or defer something that was originally planned or scheduled to occur at a specific time. Postponement can be a result of various factors such as unforeseen circumstances, logistical challenges, conflicts, or the need for further preparation or consideration. It allows for the rearrangement of plans to accommodate changing circumstances or to ensure a more suitable or convenient timing. Postponements can occur in personal, professional, or organizational contexts, affecting a range of events including meetings, appointments, deadlines, gatherings, or even larger-scale events such as conferences or sports competitions. The purpose of a postponement is to provide flexibility and adjustability in managing time and resources, allowing for the smooth progression or execution of activities without compromising their quality or effectiveness.

Example sentences containing postponement

1. Due to inclement weather, the outdoor wedding had to be rescheduled, resulting in a last-minute postponement.
2. The postponement of the project launch allowed the team to address unforeseen issues and ensure a more successful outcome.
3. The student requested a postponement of the exam due to illness, and the professor granted the extension.
4. The airline announced the postponement of several flights due to technical difficulties with their aircraft.
5. The postponement of the trial caused frustration among the witnesses, who had prepared extensively for their testimonies.
6. The event organizer announced the postponement of the conference to a later date due to low registration numbers.

History and etymology of postponement

The noun 'postponement' derives its etymology from the combination of two Latin words: 'post,' meaning 'after,' and 'ponere,' which means 'to place' or 'to put.' When these two elements are joined, they form 'postponere,' which originally referred to the act of placing something after or later in time. Over time, this Latin term evolved into Old French as 'postponement,' maintaining its core meaning of delaying or rescheduling an event, activity, or obligation to a later time or date. Thus, the etymology of 'postponement' reflects its fundamental concept of placing something after its originally intended time, encapsulating the essence of the word's meaning.

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Further usage examples of postponement

1. The postponement of the board meeting gave the executives additional time to gather more information for their presentations.
2. The athlete's injury led to the postponement of the championship match, disappointing fans and competitors alike.
3. The postponement of the product launch allowed the company to address manufacturing issues and improve product quality.
4. The committee agreed on the postponement of the charity event to allow for more time to secure sponsorships and donations.
5. The postponement of the surgery gave the patient an opportunity to consult with another specialist for a second opinion.
6. The postponement of the meeting was due to unexpected circumstances.
7. Weather-related postponements are common during hurricane season.
8. The team announced the postponement of the game due to rain.
9. The postponement of the concert disappointed many fans.
10. She requested a postponement of her court hearing.
11. The airline announced the postponement of several flights.
12. A last-minute postponement of the event caused chaos.
13. The postponement of the project deadline caused stress.
14. The postponement of the wedding was a difficult decision.
15. The postponement of the conference affected attendees' plans.
16. Due to illness, the doctor recommended a postponement of surgery.
17. The company faced financial challenges leading to postponements.
18. The postponement of the festival was met with disappointment.
19. The postponement of the event allowed for better preparation.
20. The postponement of the launch impacted the marketing strategy.
21. The postponement of school due to snow thrilled the students.
22. The postponement of the election raised concerns about fairness.
23. They announced the postponement of the product release.
24. The postponement of the trial frustrated both parties involved.
25. Postponements can lead to rescheduling conflicts.



delay, advancement, hastening, acceleration


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