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How to pronounce deplorable (audio)

Dictionary definition of deplorable

Deserving of strong condemnation, disapproval, or censure due to being extremely bad, unfortunate, or unacceptable.
"The living conditions in the slums were deplorable, with overcrowded and unsanitary conditions."

Detailed meaning of deplorable

It denotes a state or condition that is deeply regrettable, lamentable, or disgraceful. When something is deemed deplorable, it is considered highly objectionable, morally reprehensible, or offensive. This adjective is often used to express strong disapproval or outrage towards actions, behaviors, or situations that are considered morally, ethically, or socially wrong. It conveys a sense of deep disappointment, sadness, or disgust at the perceived lack of decency, integrity, or humanity associated with the subject in question. The adjective "deplorable" carries a strong negative connotation, emphasizing the severe nature of the matter being described.

Example sentences containing deplorable

1. The deplorable conditions of the prison system call for immediate, comprehensive reform.
2. John's deplorable comments at the dinner alienated everyone and ruined the evening.
3. The town's deplorable roads make commuting not just inconvenient, but also dangerous.
4. His deplorable actions in the game led to his expulsion from the team indefinitely.
5. The deplorable state of the building is a lawsuit waiting to happen, frankly.
6. With deplorable ethics, the CEO led the company into a serious financial crisis.

History and etymology of deplorable

The adjective 'deplorable' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'deplorabilis,' which is a combination of 'de' meaning 'down from' or 'thoroughly' and 'plorabilis' derived from 'plorare,' meaning 'to weep' or 'to lament.' Therefore, the etymology of 'deplorable' conveys the idea of something being so bad, unfortunate, or unacceptable that it evokes deep lamentation or condemnation. It accurately describes something that is deserving of strong disapproval or censure due to its extreme badness. The word 'deplorable' has maintained its connection to the concept of strong condemnation and lamentation, reflecting its Latin origins, where 'deplorabilis' signified something so unfortunate or bad that it would elicit deep sorrow and condemnation.

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Further usage examples of deplorable

1. The river's deplorable pollution levels pose severe risks to local wildlife now.
2. The deplorable service at the restaurant assured that we'd never return again.
3. Deplorable human rights violations were the core focus of the UN meeting today.
4. Such a deplorable waste of resources is indicative of deeper organizational flaws.
5. The deplorable lack of empathy displayed was the team's ultimate downfall here.
6. Their deplorable conduct during the negotiations set back relations for years.
7. The deplorable review scores are indicative of a product that failed to deliver.
8. The deplorable incident has significantly impacted community trust in policing.
9. A deplorable gap in healthcare access persists, despite numerous reform efforts.
10. Her deplorable mistake cost the company not just money, but also valuable time.
11. This book's deplorable narrative is neither engaging nor intellectually stimulating.
12. Your deplorable choice to lie has caused a rift that may never fully heal now.
13. Deplorable rumors about the celebrity have been circulating without any basis.
14. His deplorable actions have tarnished the reputation of the institution itself.
15. The deplorable conditions faced by workers led to a significant labor strike.
16. His deplorable absence in critical moments shows a lack of leadership quality.
17. That movie was a deplorable waste of two hours that I'll never get back, sadly.
18. Her deplorable handling of the situation led to unnecessary complications later.
19. The deplorable policy has had a disproportionately negative impact on the poor.
20. Their deplorable defense strategy allowed the opposing team to score at will.
21. The deplorable status of the project indicates a need for immediate intervention.
22. It was a deplorable oversight that led to the unfortunate cancellation of the event.
23. The deplorable act of vandalism has left the entire community in a state of shock.
24. Deplorable inefficiency in the system contributes to general public dissatisfaction.



disgraceful, commendable, praiseworthy, admirable


Suffix -able, Decay and Degeneration, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Degenerate and Deplorable

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