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How to pronounce disunite (audio)

Dictionary definition of disunite

To separate or cause a division between individuals, groups, or entities.
"Their constant bickering only serves to disunite the team."

Detailed meaning of disunite

It involves breaking apart or creating a rift in previously unified or cohesive relationships, alliances, or structures. When someone or something is disunited, there is a deliberate or unintended action taken to dismantle unity, harmony, or solidarity, resulting in a state of disunity. This verb implies a disruption of bonds, connections, or cooperation, often leading to a sense of estrangement, conflict, or fragmentation. It can involve severing ties, creating divisions, or fostering discord among people or within organizations. Disuniting can be achieved through various means, such as disagreements, conflicts of interest, ideological differences, or intentional actions aimed at breaking unity.

Example sentences containing disunite

1. The politician's divisive rhetoric aims to disunite the nation.
2. The contentious issue threatened to disunite the community.
3. His actions were intended to disunite the family and create discord.
4. The aim of the propaganda was to disunite the population and sow seeds of mistrust.
5. The leader's decision to disunite the organization led to chaos and infighting.
6. The conflict in the region has the potential to disunite neighboring countries.

History and etymology of disunite

The verb 'disunite' can be understood through its etymological roots. It is formed by combining the prefix 'dis-,' which means 'apart' or 'away,' and the word 'unite.' 'Unite' itself is derived from the Latin word 'unire,' which means 'to join together' or 'to connect.' Therefore, the etymology of 'disunite' effectively conveys the idea of taking actions that lead to the separation or division of individuals, groups, or entities. By adding the 'dis-' prefix to 'unite,' the word emphasizes the act of dismantling or breaking apart what was previously joined or connected, making it a suitable term to describe actions that foster division or disunity among various parties.

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Further usage examples of disunite

1. The power struggle within the team is likely to disunite its members.
2. They used rumors and gossip to disunite the close-knit group of friends.
3. The divisive policies of the government are designed to disunite the citizens.
4. The disinformation campaign sought to disunite the supporters of the opposing party.
5. The political scandal threatened to disunite the ruling coalition.
6. The rival factions within the organization were determined to disunite and assert their dominance.
7. The constant disagreements and conflicts were beginning to disunite the once-harmonious neighborhood.
8. The opposing viewpoints on the issue served to disunite the committee.
9. The leader's dictatorial behavior caused a rift that disunited the party.
10. The media's biased reporting only served to disunite the already polarized society.
11. The divisive rhetoric of the activist disunited the peaceful protest.
12. The leader's lack of transparency disunited the supporters and eroded trust.
13. The power struggle among the executives threatened to disunite the company.
14. The controversial decision by the court could disunite the country along ideological lines.



divide, unite, join, merge


SAT 12 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Adversities and Complications, Conflict and Conquest

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