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How to pronounce earmark (audio)

Dictionary definition of earmark

To set aside or allocate something, typically for a specific purpose or use.
"The school board agreed to earmark funds for new textbooks and classroom supplies."

Detailed meaning of earmark

This could include designating funds or resources for a particular project or task, assigning a specific role or responsibility to an individual or team, or marking an item or location for a particular use or purpose. Earmarking is often used in contexts such as budgeting, planning, and project management to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively, and that everyone involved is clear on what their responsibilities and expectations are.

Example sentences containing earmark

1. The committee decided to earmark funds for the new research project.
2. The city council plans to earmark a portion of the budget for public parks and recreational facilities.
3. The organization will earmark donations specifically for disaster relief efforts.
4. The company will earmark resources to improve employee training programs.
5. The government intends to earmark funds for infrastructure development in rural areas.
6. The foundation will earmark grants for local community initiatives.

History and etymology of earmark

The verb 'earmark' has an interesting etymology rooted in the practice of marking animals by notching or cutting their ears for identification purposes. The term can be traced back to the Old English word 'ēar,' which means 'ear,' and 'mearc,' meaning 'mark' or 'sign.' In ancient times, ranchers and farmers would physically mark their livestock's ears with distinct patterns to designate ownership or to indicate specific uses, such as animals reserved for breeding or sale. Over time, the concept of marking for identification extended to other domains, including setting aside funds or resources for specific purposes. Consequently, 'earmark' evolved to mean designating or reserving something, like money or resources, for a particular use or purpose, while preserving the notion of a distinctive mark or identifier.

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Further usage examples of earmark

1. The university will earmark scholarships for underprivileged students.
2. The board of directors voted to earmark a percentage of profits for charitable donations.
3. The committee agreed to earmark a specific timeframe for completing the project.
4. The organization decided to earmark a portion of sales for environmental conservation.
5. The council will earmark resources for improving public transportation systems.
6. The company plans to earmark a budget for marketing and advertising campaigns.
7. The school will earmark funds for upgrading classroom technology.
8. The government aims to earmark additional funding for healthcare research.
9. The foundation intends to earmark resources to support arts and cultural programs.
10. The committee will earmark a specific area for future development.
11. The organization will earmark funds to address homelessness in the community.
12. The city will earmark resources for urban revitalization projects.
13. The company decided to earmark a portion of profits for employee bonuses.
14. The government plans to earmark funds for educational initiatives.



allocate, mix, blend, integrate


TOEFL 9, Decision and Discretion, Middle School 8, Organization and Coordination

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