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Definition of 'formative'

Playing a significant role in shaping or influencing the development or formation of someone or something.
"Reading books had a formative impact on my imagination and creativity."

Detailed Meaning of 'formative'

It describes a period or process that is crucial for establishing the foundation or fundamental characteristics of a person, concept, or entity. When used in the context of personal growth or education, it often refers to experiences, events, or teachings that have a profound impact on one's beliefs, values, and skills. During these formative stages, individuals or ideas are malleable and susceptible to change and growth. These experiences contribute to the building of a solid framework, laying the groundwork for future development and shaping the overall trajectory of a person's life or the evolution of an idea or movement. The formative aspects of life are influential in shaping our identities, perspectives, and abilities, serving as building blocks for our future endeavors.


Examples of 'formative' in a Sentence

1. My early years in school were formative in shaping my love for learning.
2. The formative experiences of my childhood greatly influenced my career choices.
3. The mentor's guidance during my formative years helped shape my professional skills.
4. The supportive environment at home was formative in building my self-confidence.
5. The formative stages of a startup are crucial for establishing its core values.
6. The teacher's feedback during the formative assessment helped me improve my writing skills.

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Origins & Etymology of 'formative'

The term 'formative' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'formativus,' which is the adjective form of 'formare,' meaning 'to shape' or 'to form.' This adjective has its roots in 'forma,' which translates to 'form' or 'shape.' Thus, when we describe something as 'formative,' we are invoking its ability to play a significant role in shaping or influencing the development or formation of someone or something, reflecting the idea of molding or giving shape to a particular entity or process.


How to pronounce formative (audio)


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