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How to pronounce emeritus (audio)

Dictionary definition of emeritus

Having retired from a position, but retaining one’s title or rank as an honorary recognition of past accomplishments or contributions.
"The emeritus bishop still attended important church events."

Detailed meaning of emeritus

It is commonly used in academia to designate retired professors, who are often awarded the title 'professor emeritus' as an honorary distinction. The term 'emeritus' is derived from the Latin word 'emereri', which means 'to serve out one's term'. It is typically used after the noun it modifies, such as 'professor emeritus', 'president emeritus', or 'director emeritus'. Overall, the term 'emeritus' is used to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions in their field and who continue to be valued members of their community, even after retiring from their official duties.

Example sentences containing emeritus

1. The emeritus professor, with decades of research, guides young scholars.
2. As a director emeritus, he imparts his wisdom to the board.
3. The CEO emeritus remains an influential figure in the industry.
4. The chairman emeritus offers strategic counsel to the company.
5. The president emeritus is a respected figure on campus.
6. The emeritus editor continues to contribute insightful articles.

History and etymology of emeritus

The adjective 'emeritus' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'emeritus,' which is the past participle of 'emereri.' In Latin, 'emereri' combines 'e,' meaning 'out of' or 'from,' and 'mereri,' meaning 'to earn' or 'to deserve.' Therefore, 'emeritus' can be etymologically understood as 'having earned the right to be out of' or 'having deserved a special status.' This term is often used to describe individuals who have retired from a position but are allowed to retain their title or rank as an honorary recognition of their past accomplishments or contributions. The etymology of 'emeritus' underscores the idea that this status is earned through one's service and merits, signifying an honorable retirement with continued recognition of their significance.

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Further usage examples of emeritus

1. As dean emeritus, he shapes the school's future direction.
2. The founder emeritus's vision still guides the organization.
3. The emeritus scientist's insights drive ongoing research.
4. The emeritus judge serves as a mediator in legal disputes.
5. The emeritus bishop's guidance strengthens the church.
6. Emeritus status honors lifetime contributions to the field.
7. The emeritus conductor returns for special orchestral events.
8. She remains chair emeritus, providing guidance to the board.
9. The emeritus minister delivers occasional inspiring sermons.
10. The emeritus writer's books continue to inspire readers.
11. The emeritus physician mentors young doctors in the hospital.
12. The emeritus diplomat occasionally represents the country.
13. The professor emeritus shares expertise at academic gatherings.
14. Emeritus status reflects a legacy of enduring impact.
15. The retired professor was granted the title of professor emeritus.
16. The former CEO was named chairman emeritus of the company.
17. The museum curator emeritus continued to advise on new exhibits.
18. The emeritus scientist received numerous awards for his research.
19. The retired general was appointed as a military advisor emeritus.
20. The university librarian emeritus continued to assist students with research.
21. The emeritus judge was called upon to provide legal advice.
22. The former mayor was honored as mayor emeritus at a town ceremony.
23. The emeritus art professor still taught classes on occasion.
24. The emeritus director was recognized for his contributions to the theater.
25. The university president emeritus attended commencement every year.



retired, active, current, employed


Prefix em-, Appreciation and Honor, Resilience and Resolve, Pinnacle and Perfection, Governance and Authority, Acumen and Insight, Tradition and Heritage, Achievement and Excellence, Leadership and Governance

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