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How to pronounce enclave (audio)


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Dictionary definition of enclave

An enclosed area or territory that is completely surrounded by another area or territory, often of a different culture, language, or political affiliation.
"The old town forms a picturesque enclave within the bustling city."

Detailed meaning of enclave

Enclaves can be created for various reasons, such as for protection or to maintain a separate identity, and can range in size from a small neighborhood to an entire country. Enclaves can be found all over the world, and are often associated with political, religious, or ethnic tensions, as the enclosed group may have different beliefs or values from the surrounding population. Enclaves can also be difficult to govern, as they may have different laws or customs that conflict with those of the surrounding area.

Example sentences containing enclave

1. The embassy is located in a secure enclave within the foreign capital.
2. The ethnic enclave in the city is known for its diverse cuisine.
3. The resort is nestled in an exclusive enclave along the coast.
4. The university's research center operates as a scientific enclave.
5. This neighborhood is a historic enclave with well-preserved architecture.
6. The gated community feels like a private enclave with its own amenities.

History and etymology of enclave

The noun 'enclave' has its etymological origins in French. It comes from the Old French word 'enclaver,' which means 'to enclose' or 'to lock in.' The term 'enclave' itself is a combination of 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'claver,' derived from 'claustrum,' meaning 'enclosure' or 'lock.' As the word entered the English language, it was used to describe an enclosed area or territory that is completely surrounded by another area or territory, often of a different culture, language, or political affiliation. 'Enclave' emphasizes the notion of being within or enclosed by a different context, reflecting its French roots in the concept of enclosures and locked-in spaces within a larger setting.

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Further usage examples of enclave

1. The artist's studio is a creative enclave where ideas flourish.
2. The diplomatic enclave houses several foreign embassies.
3. In the desert, you can find a hidden enclave of palm trees.
4. The monastery is an enclave of tranquility in the midst of the mountains.
5. This enclave is famous for its vibrant arts and culture scene.
6. The tech company has its own enclave within the business district.
7. The island nation has a small enclave on the mainland for trade.
8. The neighborhood enclave has a strong sense of community.
9. The castle stands as an isolated enclave atop the hill.
10. The enclave was established to protect the endangered species.
11. The ethnic enclave celebrates its heritage with an annual festival.
12. The research enclave fosters collaboration among scientists.
13. The enclave is a safe haven for refugees fleeing conflict.
14. The historic enclave is undergoing restoration to preserve its heritage.
15. The luxury enclave offers high-end amenities and services.
16. The seaside enclave attracts tourists seeking a peaceful retreat.



territory, surrounding, open, expansive


Prefix en-, Boundaries and Limits, Democracy and Diversity, Geography and Topography

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