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How to pronounce haven (audio)

Dictionary definition of haven

A place of safety, refuge, or sanctuary where people can find protection from danger, harm, or distress.
"The small island was a haven for rare bird species."

Detailed meaning of haven

It can be a physical place, such as a harbor or port that provides shelter to ships during a storm, or a figurative place, such as a peaceful retreat that offers respite from the demands of daily life. The concept of a haven is closely related to that of a sanctuary, which refers to a place of safety or protection that is recognized and respected by law or custom. A haven can also refer to a place that provides comfort, security, or relief, such as a beloved childhood home, a supportive community, or a place of worship. Overall, a haven is a place where individuals can feel safe, secure, and protected, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Example sentences containing haven

1. The small coastal town served as a tranquil haven for weary travelers.
2. Amid the storm, the lighthouse guided ships safely into the haven.
3. The forest provided a haven for countless species of wildlife.
4. In the bustling city, the park offered a peaceful haven.
5. After a long journey, the cozy inn felt like a welcoming haven.
6. The library became a haven for book lovers seeking knowledge.

History and etymology of haven

The noun 'haven' has its origins in Old English, where it was spelled as 'hæfen.' It is closely related to the Old Norse word 'hǫfn,' both of which meant 'harbor' or 'port.' These terms referred to a place along the coast where ships could find safety from storms or seek refuge from the dangers of the open sea. Over time, 'haven' expanded its meaning to describe not only a physical harbor for ships but also a broader concept—a place of safety, refuge, or sanctuary where people can find protection from danger, harm, or distress. In this sense, 'haven' embodies the idea of a secure and sheltered place, providing comfort and safety in times of adversity. The etymology of 'haven' underscores its historical association with places of safety along the coast and the enduring concept of finding refuge and protection in times of need.

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Further usage examples of haven

1. Nature's beauty turned the mountain cabin into a serene haven.
2. The community center became a haven for those in need of support.
3. The old church remained a haven for spiritual seekers.
4. In troubled times, music became a haven for solace and expression.
5. The garden offered a haven for contemplation and meditation.
6. The rescue team reached the stranded climbers' snow-covered haven.
7. The art gallery provided a haven for creativity and imagination.
8. The coastal village served as a haven for artists and dreamers.
9. The orphanage became a haven for children in search of a home.
10. The lakeside cottage offered a haven for fishing enthusiasts.
11. The ancient ruins were a haven for archaeologists uncovering history.
12. The online community became a haven for like-minded individuals.
13. The animal shelter acted as a haven for abandoned pets.
14. After the earthquake, the makeshift camp served as a temporary haven.
15. After the storm, the harbor served as a safe haven for ships.
16. The national park provided a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts.
17. The meditation retreat was a haven of peace and tranquility.
18. The cozy cottage by the lake was the perfect haven for a weekend getaway.
19. The animal shelter offered a haven for abandoned pets.
20. The library was a haven for book lovers seeking knowledge and escape.
21. The community center provided a haven for local residents to gather and socialize.
22. The hospital was a haven for the sick and injured seeking medical care.
23. The music festival offered a haven for music enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite bands.
24. The refugee camp provided a haven for those fleeing war and persecution.
25. The art gallery was a haven for artists and art lovers to appreciate and create.



sanctuary, danger, peril, exposure


Suffix -en, Help and Support, Seduction and Allure, Middle School 8, Residence and Solitude

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