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How to pronounce ensconce (audio)

Dictionary definition of ensconce

To settle or establish oneself in a comfortable and secure position.
"They plan to ensconce the priceless artifact in a secure location."

Detailed meaning of ensconce

It can also be used to describe the act of hiding, or tucking away an object or person in a safe, comfortable, or secure place. The word implies a sense of comfort, safety and permanence, suggesting that the person or object is settled in for a long time, in a place where they feel at home. Ensconce is often used in literature and poetry to convey a sense of serenity, coziness, and warmth. It can also be used in a more negative sense, as in "ensconced in their own prejudices" to convey a sense of being entrenched, unyielding and closed to new ideas or perspectives. It can also be used in a more objective way, to describe the act of installing or positioning something in a secure or protected place.

Example sentences containing ensconce

1. I'll ensconce the puppy in a soft blanket to keep her warm.
2. Let's ensconce ourselves in the cabin and enjoy the snowfall.
3. The squirrels ensconce their food in tiny crevices for the winter.
4. You should ensconce your valuables in a safe before leaving for the trip.
5. We will ensconce the secret documents in a hidden compartment.
6. The library intends to ensconce the antique books in a special display case.

History and etymology of ensconce

The verb 'ensconce' has its origins in the combination of two English words: 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'sconce,' which originally referred to a protective fortification or shelter. Over time, 'sconce' also came to be associated with a candlestick or a small, decorative wall-mounted light fixture. In the late 16th century, 'ensconce' emerged in English, initially used in a military context to mean 'to place or settle in a secure and protected position,' much like finding shelter within the walls of a fortification. Gradually, its usage expanded to describe settling or establishing oneself in any comfortable and secure position, whether physical or metaphorical. The etymology of 'ensconce' underscores its historical connection to the idea of finding a safe and secure place, highlighting the act of taking refuge or establishing oneself in a protected and comfortable setting.

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Further usage examples of ensconce

1. Parents often ensconce their newborns in soft, warm blankets.
2. The king decided to ensconce the throne room with guards.
3. Many birds ensconce their nests high in the trees for safety.
4. The artist wants to ensconce his masterpiece in a well-lit area.
5. The soldiers plan to ensconce their position from potential enemies.
6. The villagers will ensconce their homes with sandbags to prevent flooding.
7. Spiders ensconce their prey in intricate webs.
8. Celebrities often try to ensconce their personal life from public scrutiny.
9. As a safety measure, they decided to ensconce the hazardous materials in a containment unit.
10. The museum will soon ensconce the new artifact in a climate-controlled display case.
11. The chef plans to ensconce the dessert in a beautiful presentation.
12. She will ensconce the diamond necklace in a velvet box for protection.
13. Let's ensconce the campsite in a circle of rocks to keep out wild animals.
14. After a long day, she loves to ensconce herself in her favorite armchair.
15. The company aims to ensconce its brand as a market leader.
16. He managed to ensconce the fragile vase safely on the shelf.
17. The new CEO quickly ensconced herself in the corner office.
18. The cozy cabin allowed them to ensconce themselves by the fireplace.
19. The author hoped to ensconce her novel on the bestseller list.
20. The cat likes to ensconce itself in the warmest spot by the window.
21. The team tried to ensconce their lead with solid defense.
22. The royal family used to ensconce themselves in the grand palace.
23. The rebels sought to ensconce their authority in the region.
24. As the rain began, we rushed to ensconce ourselves under the umbrella.



settle, displace, unsettle, disturb


Prefix en-, SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 4, Composure and Amiability

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