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How to pronounce ensign (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ensign

A flag or banner, particularly one that represents a specific group, organization, or nation.
"The naval ship proudly displayed the national ensign at its mast."


Detailed meaning of ensign

It is a distinctive symbol that often carries significant meaning and represents the identity, unity, or allegiance of the entity it represents. Ensigns can vary in size, shape, and design, and are commonly used in military, naval, or maritime contexts. They are raised on ships, displayed on poles or masts, or carried by individuals during ceremonial events. Ensigns are powerful visual representations that may bear emblems, colors, or symbols unique to the group they represent, serving as a source of pride, recognition, and cohesion. They can also be employed to communicate messages or signals, indicating a specific status, affiliation, or purpose. Overall, ensigns play a crucial role in heraldry and serve as prominent visual markers that encapsulate the spirit and identity of an organization or nation.

Example sentences containing ensign

1. During the parade, the marching band carried an ensign bearing their school's emblem.
2. The soldier saluted the flagpole as the ensign was raised during the morning ceremony.
3. The yacht's ensign fluttered in the wind, representing the owner's maritime affiliation.
4. The scout troop marched with their colorful ensigns leading the way.
5. The ambassador entered the room, accompanied by an ensign representing their home country.
6. The military base held a flag-raising ceremony where the ensign of the armed forces was hoisted.

History and etymology of ensign

The noun 'ensign' has a fascinating etymology rooted in the Old French word 'enseigne,' which originally referred to a sign or emblem. It can be traced back further to the Latin word 'insignia,' which means 'marks' or 'tokens of distinction.' The 'en-' prefix signifies 'in' or 'within,' while 'signum' in Latin means 'sign' or 'mark.' This etymological journey underscores the concept of a flag or banner as a prominent and distinctive symbol that represents a specific group, organization, or nation. Over time, 'ensign' has evolved to symbolize not just a flag but a symbol of identity and allegiance, proudly displayed as a symbol of unity and loyalty.

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Further usage examples of ensign

1. The ensign of the company was displayed prominently at the entrance of their headquarters.
2. The regiment proudly carried their ensign into battle, symbolizing their unity and loyalty.
3. The ship's ensign bore the crest of its captain, distinguishing it from other vessels.
4. The museum exhibited historical ensigns from various periods of warfare.
5. The diplomat exchanged ensigns with their counterpart as a gesture of friendship and cooperation.
6. The national ensign fluttered proudly in the breeze.
7. The ship's ensign displayed its maritime heritage.
8. Each military branch has its own distinctive ensign.
9. The organization's ensign symbolized its mission.
10. The ensign bore the family crest with honor.
11. His collection included historical military ensigns.
12. The colorful ensigns lined the parade route.
13. The tribal ensign was a symbol of unity.
14. The space agency's ensign adorned mission patches.
15. The historic site raised the colonial-era ensign.
16. The yacht proudly displayed its club ensign.
17. The ensigns of the allies flew side by side.
18. The corporate ensign represented the company's brand.
19. The school's ensign featured its mascot.
20. The embassy's ensign flew over foreign soil.
21. The ensigns of the competing nations lined the stadium.
22. The scout troop carried their troop ensign.
23. The ensign of the peacekeeping force symbolized hope.
24. The ensign of the expedition marked its progress.
25. The town's ensign celebrated its founding.



flag, insignificance, unimportance, non-symbol


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