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How to pronounce crest (audio)


Dictionary definition of crest

The highest point or peak of something, typically referring to the topmost part of a physical object or a natural formation.
"The surfer rode the crest of the wave with perfect balance."

Detailed meaning of crest

It represents the summit or pinnacle of a mountain or hill, emphasizing the highest elevation. The crest can also refer to the highest point on a wave, representing the moment when the wave reaches its maximum height. In heraldry, the crest is a symbolic emblem or device that sits atop a helmet or a coat of arms, often representing a family, organization, or nation. It serves as a distinctive mark of identification or honor. Metaphorically, the term "crest" can be used to describe the culmination or climax of an event or a period, representing the peak or zenith of a particular situation or experience. Overall, the noun "crest" conveys the concept of highest point, culmination, symbolic representation, and achievement.

Example sentences containing crest

1. The hikers reached the crest of the mountain and enjoyed the breathtaking view.
2. The knight's helmet was adorned with a majestic crest representing his noble lineage.
3. The company unveiled a new logo with a stylized crest as a symbol of its heritage.
4. The roaring cheers of the crowd reached their crest as the home team scored the winning goal.
5. The bird perched on the crest of a tree, surveying its surroundings.
6. The ocean waves crashed against the rocky shore, their crests spraying droplets into the air.

History and etymology of crest

The noun 'crest' can trace its etymology back to the Latin word 'crista,' which originally referred to a comb or tuft, particularly on the head of a bird or a helmet. Over time, this term evolved to represent the highest point or peak of something, likely due to the visual association of a bird's crest as the prominent, elevated feature on its head. This shift in meaning reflects the natural tendency in language to extend a word's usage based on perceptual similarities. Consequently, the etymology of 'crest' reveals its historical connection to the idea of a topmost point, whether it be the crest of a hill, the crest of a wave, or any other pinnacle or summit.

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Further usage examples of crest

1. The family crest displayed on the shield was passed down through generations.
2. The singer's popularity reached its crest, and her songs dominated the charts.
3. The ship sailed through rough waters, bravely riding the crests of the waves.
4. The artist meticulously painted a detailed crest on the canvas, capturing every intricate detail.
5. The student proudly wore her school's crest on her uniform, representing her affiliation with the institution.
6. At the crest of the mountain, the view was breathtaking.
7. The surfer rode the crest of a massive wave with skill.
8. The golden crest of the castle gleamed in the sunlight.
9. The hiker reached the crest of the hill, tired but elated.
10. The crest of the roller coaster offered a thrilling moment.
11. The ship's flag fluttered atop the crest of the high mast.
12. Eagles soared near the crest of the rocky cliff.
13. The hawk perched on the crest of the tree, watching for prey.
14. The river's crest marked the highest water level in years.
15. The rooster proudly displayed its colorful crest.
16. The knight wore a helmet adorned with a majestic crest.
17. On the crest of the dune, the desert stretched endlessly.
18. She reached the crest of her career with that award.
19. The moon rose over the crest of the distant mountains.
20. The castle's battlements adorned the crest of the hill.
21. The falcon circled above the crest of the canyon.
22. The cyclist pedaled hard to conquer the steep crest.
23. The climber celebrated reaching the crest of the peak.
24. The ocean's crest sparkled with the setting sun's glow.
25. The flag at the ship's crest symbolized their nation.

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