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How to pronounce envelop (audio)

Dictionary definition of envelop

To completely surround or cover something, usually in a way that conceals or encloses it.
"Darkness would envelop the sky as the sun began to set."

Detailed meaning of envelop

This can be either a physical or a metaphorical action, where something might be enveloped in fog, for example, or someone might be enveloped in a feeling of dread. The word can also be used to describe the process of enclosing or putting something in an envelope or wrapping, such as when sending a letter or gift.

Example sentences containing envelop

1. The morning mist will envelop the mountains, creating a magical scene.
2. As the sun sets, darkness will envelop the landscape, bringing a sense of calm.
3. The warm, comforting aroma of freshly baked bread will envelop the kitchen.
4. A sense of mystery will envelop the old mansion, intriguing visitors from near and far.
5. During the concert, the music will envelop the audience, creating an immersive experience.
6. The fog will envelop the harbor, making navigation challenging for the sailors.

History and etymology of envelop

The verb 'envelop' has its roots in Old French, coming from the word 'envoluper,' which means 'to envelop' or 'to wrap up.' It entered the English language in the late 16th century. To 'envelop' means to completely surround or cover something, usually in a way that conceals or encloses it. The etymology of 'envelop' effectively conveys the idea of wrapping or encircling an object, person, or idea with a covering that may obscure or protect it. Whether it's enveloping oneself in a warm embrace, enveloping a letter in an envelope for mailing, or enveloping a city in fog, this term emphasizes the action of fully surrounding and often concealing something within a shroud or covering.

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Further usage examples of envelop

1. A feeling of joy will envelop the room as the family gathers to celebrate the holidays.
2. The dense forest will envelop the trail, providing shade for the hikers.
3. As the storm approaches, clouds will envelop the sky, signaling the need to seek shelter.
4. The sound of birdsong will envelop the garden, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
5. A sense of anticipation will envelop the crowd as the moment for the big announcement approaches.
6. The darkness will envelop the countryside, revealing a sky full of stars.
7. As the seasons change, a blanket of snow will envelop the landscape, transforming it into a winter wonderland.
8. The curtain of night will envelop the city, bringing a sense of serenity.
9. A sense of nostalgia will envelop the old friends as they reminisce about the past.
10. The aroma of freshly ground coffee will envelop the cafe, welcoming its patrons.
11. A feeling of contentment will envelop the grandmother as she watches her grandchildren play.
12. The protective shell will envelop the delicate seedling, shielding it from harm.
13. The sound of laughter will envelop the home, signaling a happy gathering.
14. As the day ends, a sense of accomplishment will envelop the team for a job well done.



wrap, expose, unveil, uncover


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