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How to pronounce expanse (audio)

Dictionary definition of expanse

A vast and wide area that extends far and wide, often without any clear boundaries or limitations.
"The expanse of the ocean stretched out before us, shimmering in the sunlight."

Detailed meaning of expanse

It evokes a sense of immense space and openness, where the horizon seems to stretch endlessly. Whether it's a sprawling desert with its shifting dunes, an expansive ocean with its boundless waves, or a dense forest with its towering trees, an expanse embodies a grand scale that captures the imagination. It signifies a magnitude beyond human comprehension, inviting contemplation and awe. An expanse can also refer to figurative realms, such as the expanse of knowledge or the expanse of the universe, hinting at the limitless possibilities and uncharted territories that lie ahead. In its essence, the noun 'expanse' encapsulates the idea of vastness and expansiveness, reminding us of the boundless wonders that exist in our world and beyond.

Example sentences containing expanse

1. The astronaut marveled at the vast expanse of stars in the night sky.
2. I stood on the mountaintop, gazing at the breathtaking expanse of valleys below.
3. The painting depicted a serene expanse of rolling meadows.
4. The desert expanse seemed endless, with sand dunes stretching into the distance.
5. The spaceship soared through the expanse of space, exploring new frontiers.
6. The photographer captured the expanse of the canyon, highlighting its majestic beauty.

History and etymology of expanse

The verb 'expand' has its origins in the Latin word 'expandere,' which is a combination of 'ex-' meaning 'out' and 'pandere' meaning 'to spread' or 'to unfold.' This etymology conveys the fundamental idea that when something expands, it is literally spreading out or unfolding, leading to an increase in size, volume, extent, or scope. The prefix 'ex-' in this context implies an outward movement, and 'pandere' emphasizes the action of spreading, aligning perfectly with the modern definition of the verb 'expand.' Thus, the word 'expand' carries within it the notion of growth and enlargement, as reflected in its etymological roots.

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Further usage examples of expanse

1. The airplane flew over the expanse of farmland, dotted with patches of vibrant green.
2. Her eyes widened at the expanse of knowledge contained within the library's shelves.
3. The hiker found solace in the expanse of the forest, surrounded by towering trees.
4. The artist used bold strokes to represent the vast expanse of the city skyline.
5. The yacht sailed gracefully across the expanse of the open sea.
6. The scientist marveled at the expanse of the universe, contemplating its mysteries.
7. The expanse of the national park provided a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.
8. The balcony offered a panoramic view of the expanse of the city.
9. The expanse of the field was covered in a blanket of wildflowers.
10. The novel vividly described the expanse of the desert, immersing readers in its arid beauty.
11. The expanse of time allowed healing and growth to occur.
12. The swimmer dived into the expanse of the pool, slicing through the water.
13. The artist's painting captured the expanse of a fiery sunset, filling the canvas with vibrant hues.
14. The desert expanse stretched endlessly beneath the scorching sun.
15. Her gaze wandered across the expanse of the tranquil ocean.
16. We hiked through the dense forest, marveling at its expanse.
17. The city's skyline dominated the expanse of the horizon.
18. An expanse of rolling hills unfolded before us at dawn.
19. The expanse of the night sky was filled with sparkling stars.
20. A feeling of freedom washed over him in the open expanse.
21. They camped in the vast expanse of the remote wilderness.
22. The endless expanse of the canyon took our breath away.
23. The expanse of the snowy landscape was a sight to behold.
24. The expanse of knowledge in the library was awe-inspiring.



vastness, confinement, smallness, narrowness


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