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How to pronounce fraternal (audio)

Dictionary definition of fraternal

Relating to or reminiscent of brotherhood or siblinghood.
"The twins shared a strong fraternal bond since childhood."

Detailed meaning of fraternal

It refers to the qualities, behaviors, or connections associated with brothers or a fraternity. "Fraternal" can pertain to the relationship between brothers or the attributes exhibited within brotherly associations. It implies a sense of camaraderie, support, or loyalty typically associated with the bond between siblings or members of a fraternity. Additionally, "fraternal" can also describe organizations or societies exclusively composed of men, emphasizing the principles of brotherhood and solidarity among their members. This adjective underscores the idea of kinship, unity, and shared interests among individuals, highlighting the bonds and mutual support within a group that emulates the concept of brotherhood.

Example sentences containing fraternal

1. The fraternity brothers displayed a fraternal spirit during community service activities.
2. The family gathering was filled with fraternal affection and laughter.
3. The organization promoted fraternal values and camaraderie among its members.
4. The team members developed a fraternal connection through their shared experiences.
5. The siblings' fraternal rivalry fueled their competitive spirit.
6. The fraternity hosted a fraternal gathering to celebrate their achievements.

History and etymology of fraternal

The adjective 'fraternal' has its origins in the Latin word 'fraternus,' which is derived from 'frater,' meaning 'brother.' In Latin, 'fraternus' specifically referred to things related to or characteristic of brothers. This Latin term later found its way into Old French as 'fraternel' and then into Middle English as 'fraternal.' The etymology of 'fraternal' reflects its connection to the concept of brotherhood or siblinghood, as it describes qualities, relationships, or organizations that are reminiscent of the bonds and camaraderie shared among brothers or siblings.

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Further usage examples of fraternal

1. The school implemented a mentoring program to foster fraternal relationships among students.
2. The fraternal twins resembled each other in both appearance and personality.
3. The fraternity organized a fraternal retreat to strengthen the bond among its members.
4. The fraternal organization offered financial assistance to members in times of need.
5. The soldiers formed a fraternal bond during their time in the military.
6. The fraternal bond between the two brothers was unbreakable.
7. Their fraternal love and support carried them through tough times.
8. The organization had a strong fraternal atmosphere.
9. Fraternal twins share a remarkable genetic similarity.
10. Their fraternal relationship was marked by loyalty and trust.
11. The fraternity promoted fraternal values among its members.
12. The twins' fraternal connection was evident in their mannerisms.
13. The team's fraternal spirit fueled their success.
14. The fraternal twins' resemblance was uncanny.
15. Their fraternal bond grew stronger with each passing year.
16. The organization fostered a sense of fraternal unity.
17. Fraternal affection was evident in their warm embraces.
18. The siblings had a deep and lasting fraternal connection.
19. Fraternal twins often share a unique telepathic connection.
20. Their fraternal rivalry pushed them to excel in everything.
21. The fraternal order celebrated brotherhood and camaraderie.
22. The twins had a fraternal bond that transcended words.
23. Fraternal love and understanding defined their relationship.
24. The club's members shared a strong fraternal bond.
25. The fraternal twins' closeness was admired by everyone.



brotherly, unrelated, distant, rival


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