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How to pronounce gauche (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gauche

Lacking social grace, sophistication, or finesse, often displaying awkwardness or a lack of tact in social situations.
"She was criticized for her gauche choice of words during the interview."

Detailed meaning of gauche

When someone is characterized as gauche, it implies that their behavior or actions are perceived as unsophisticated, clumsy, or inappropriate within a given social context. This term can apply to various scenarios, such as a person who uses inappropriate humor at a formal event, someone who struggles with the nuances of polite conversation, or an action that is considered awkward or ill-mannered. "Gauche" underscores the idea of social ineptitude and a lack of refinement, often resulting in moments of discomfort or embarrassment for the individual involved.

Example sentences containing gauche

1. He felt gauche and stumbled over his words during the job interview.
2. The shy boy's gauche attempt at flirting left the girl confused.
3. Sarah's gauche dance moves drew a few awkward glances at the party.
4. Despite her intelligence, she often felt gauche in social situations.
5. His gauche comment unintentionally offended everyone in the room.
6. The gauche teenager struggled to fit in with her more outgoing peers.

History and etymology of gauche

The adjective 'gauche' has its origins in the French language. It is derived from the Old French word 'gauchir,' which means 'to swerve' or 'to turn aside.' Over time, 'gauche' came to signify a lack of social grace, sophistication, or finesse, often manifesting as awkwardness or a lack of tact in social situations. It implies a certain clumsiness or a tendency to behave in a socially awkward or inelegant manner. The etymology of 'gauche' reflects the notion of deviation from the expected or customary norms of social behavior, akin to 'swerving' away from the accepted standards of etiquette and refinement.

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Further usage examples of gauche

1. John's gauche attempt at humor fell flat, eliciting only uncomfortable silence.
2. The elegant dinner party made her feel even more gauche and out of place.
3. His gauche manners were evident as he chewed with his mouth open.
4. The gauche introduction made a poor first impression on the new neighbors.
5. The gauche guest spilled his drink on the host's expensive carpet.
6. Jane's gauche behavior at the formal event embarrassed her friends.
7. His gauche attempt to make small talk led to an awkward silence.
8. The gauche individual struggled to navigate social cues and norms.
9. She felt gauche when asked to give a speech in front of a large audience.
10. The gauche teenager stumbled over her words during the class presentation.
11. His gauche mannerisms and lack of tact often offended others.
12. The gauche party guest unintentionally insulted the host with a thoughtless remark.
13. Feeling gauche, she kept to herself at the party, avoiding social interactions.
14. His gauche attempts to be funny only resulted in cringe-inducing moments.



awkward, elegant, graceful, tactful


GRE 2 (Graduate Record Examination), Behavior and Conduct, Embarrassment and Discomfort, Connections and Interactions

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