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How to pronounce giddy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of giddy

Intense and often lighthearted excitement, exhilaration, or happiness that can make a person feel somewhat light-headed or dizzy.
"The unexpected compliment from her crush left her feeling giddy all day."


Detailed meaning of giddy

When someone is described as feeling giddy, it typically means they are experiencing a heightened sense of joy, enthusiasm, or elation that may result in physical sensations like butterflies in the stomach, a racing heart, or even a tendency to giggle or laugh uncontrollably. This feeling of giddiness is often triggered by positive events, surprises, or moments of sheer delight, such as falling in love, achieving a personal goal, or celebrating a special occasion. Giddiness is associated with a sense of euphoria and is characterized by an exuberant and buoyant mood that can be both infectious and memorable.

Example sentences containing giddy

1. Winning the lottery made him feel giddy with excitement.
2. The children were giddy with joy on Christmas morning.
3. She felt a giddy rush of adrenaline as she approached the roller coaster.
4. The couple's giddy laughter filled the air as they strolled through the park.
5. The announcement of the promotion made him giddy with anticipation.
6. The puppy's playful antics left everyone in a giddy mood.

History and etymology of giddy

The adjective 'giddy' has an interesting etymology rooted in Middle English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'gidig,' which meant 'mad' or 'possessed by a demon.' This Old English term itself likely has connections to the Old Norse word 'gyðingr,' which meant 'possessed' or 'mad.' Over time, the meaning of 'giddy' evolved to describe a state of intense and often lighthearted excitement, exhilaration, or happiness that can make a person feel somewhat light-headed or dizzy. This evolution reflects how intense emotions, particularly positive ones, can temporarily alter one's mental state, creating a sense of giddiness that was originally associated with a more chaotic or frenzied state of mind.

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Further usage examples of giddy

1. The success of their project had the team feeling giddy with pride.
2. She felt giddy after spinning around in circles on the dance floor.
3. The giddy atmosphere at the carnival was contagious.
4. He couldn't help but feel a little giddy as he boarded the plane for his dream vacation.
5. The thought of graduating and starting a new chapter in life made her giddy.
6. The giddy chatter of the children echoed through the playground.
7. Their whirlwind romance had them feeling giddy and head over heels in love.
8. The sparkling champagne made her feel giddy at the New Year's Eve party.
9. The unexpected compliment left her feeling giddy and flattered.
10. The giddy anticipation of the weekend getaway had everyone counting down the days.
11. The roller coaster ride left her feeling giddy, and she couldn't stop smiling.
12. The giddy energy of the concert crowd added to the excitement of the performance.
13. Her giddy enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure was infectious.
14. The roller coaster ride left me feeling giddy and disoriented.



dizzy, steady, balanced, composed


Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Vitality and Vigor, Expressions Of Emotion

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