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How to pronounce haptic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of haptic

Relating to the sense of touch or the perception of tactile sensations.
"The fabric was soft and had a haptic quality that made it pleasant to wear."

Detailed meaning of haptic

It encompasses the sense of touch in its various aspects, including the ability to feel textures, pressure, temperature, and vibrations through physical contact with objects or surfaces. Haptic technology, for example, involves the use of tactile feedback and touch-sensitive interfaces to enhance the interaction between humans and machines, such as touchscreens and force-feedback gaming controllers. Additionally, the term "haptic" can describe experiences or sensations that are primarily or significantly related to the sense of touch, as in the haptic feedback of a vibrating smartphone or the haptic qualities of a soft and plush fabric. Overall, "haptic" emphasizes the tactile aspect of perception and interaction, highlighting the importance of touch in our sensory experiences and technological advancements.

Example sentences containing haptic

1. The haptic feedback on the smartphone made typing easier.
2. Virtual reality games often incorporate haptic sensations.
3. The haptic gloves allowed surgeons to perform delicate procedures.
4. The tactile sensations in the artwork were haptic in nature.
5. Haptic technology enhances the immersion in video games.
6. The haptic response of the controller matched the game's action.

History and etymology of haptic

The adjective 'haptic' draws its etymological inspiration from the Greek word 'haptikos,' which means 'able to touch' or 'related to touch.' This Greek term is rooted in 'haptesthai,' which means 'to touch' or 'to grasp.' Therefore, the etymology of 'haptic' can be understood as something that pertains to the sense of touch or the perception of tactile sensations. This historical connection reflects the essence of 'haptic,' as it is used to describe experiences, technologies, or sensations that are related to the sense of touch, emphasizing the fundamental role of touch in our perception and interaction with the physical world.

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Further usage examples of haptic

1. Haptic interfaces can simulate a range of textures.
2. The haptic sensation of a warm embrace is comforting.
3. The haptic sensor detected even the slightest pressure.
4. The haptic feedback on the steering wheel alerted the driver.
5. Haptic simulations aid in training pilots for various scenarios.
6. The haptic mousepad provided a realistic touch experience.
7. The haptic feedback in the virtual world felt lifelike.
8. Haptic devices are used in rehabilitation therapy.
9. The haptic display allowed users to feel virtual objects.
10. Haptic technology has applications in medical training.
11. The haptic feedback in the game made it more engaging.
12. Haptic interfaces can assist individuals with visual impairments.
13. The haptic suit simulated the feeling of being underwater.
14. Haptic feedback in smartphones can mimic button presses.
15. The new smartphone has haptic feedback that vibrates when you type.
16. The museum exhibit included haptic displays that allowed visitors to touch the artifacts.
17. The artist's work had a haptic quality, with textures that begged to be touched.
18. The surgeon relied on haptic feedback to guide the surgical instrument during the procedure.
19. The car's haptic steering wheel gave the driver a sense of the road conditions.
20. The virtual reality headset had haptic feedback that made it feel like you were touching the objects in the virtual world.
21. The haptic sensors on the robot allowed it to detect and respond to touch.
22. The massage chair had haptic feedback that mimicked the feeling of a real massage.
23. The haptic interface on the video game controller made it feel like you were actually in the game.
24. The artist used haptic paint strokes to create a sense of depth and texture in the painting.
25. The haptic feedback on the treadmill made it feel like you were running on a real road.



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