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How to pronounce hearty (audio)

Dictionary definition of hearty

Warm, robust, and full of sincere enthusiasm or genuine friendliness.
"The team received a hearty applause from the audience after their performance."

Detailed meaning of hearty

When we characterize something as hearty, we emphasize its qualities of being wholesome, generous, and substantial. For example, a hearty meal is not only nourishing but also satisfying and fulfilling, often in a comforting and enjoyable way. When describing a person as hearty, it signifies their warm and welcoming nature, often associated with a strong and vibrant personality. "Hearty" conveys a sense of heartfelt sincerity and a genuine approach that is both earnest and genuine, whether applied to a meal, a laugh, or a greeting.

Example sentences containing hearty

1. The friends shared a hearty laugh at the comedian's jokes.
2. After a long hike, they enjoyed a hearty meal around the campfire.
3. She gave her friend a hearty hug to show her appreciation.
4. The chef prepared a hearty stew that warmed everyone on a cold day.
5. His hearty endorsement of the project boosted everyone's confidence.
6. The family sat down to a hearty breakfast before starting their day.

History and etymology of hearty

The adjective 'hearty' has its roots in the Old English word 'hertig,' which meant 'courageous' or 'strong-hearted.' Over time, 'hertig' evolved into 'hearty' in Middle English, retaining its sense of being warm, robust, and full of genuine enthusiasm or friendliness. 'Hearty' came to describe individuals or actions that are marked by a wholehearted and sincere approach, emphasizing warmth and heartfelt sincerity in one's demeanor or interactions. The etymology of 'hearty' underscores its historical connection to the qualities of courage and genuine warmth of the heart, highlighting the idea of robust enthusiasm and wholehearted friendliness.

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Further usage examples of hearty

1. The hearty handshake between the two leaders signaled a promising partnership.
2. The old friends greeted each other with hearty smiles and open arms.
3. The restaurant's hearty portions left the customers feeling satisfied.
4. The children's hearty laughter echoed through the playground.
5. The team celebrated their victory with a hearty cheer.
6. She gave a hearty nod of agreement during the meeting.
7. The cozy cabin provided a hearty retreat from the winter chill.
8. He was known for his hearty enthusiasm and boundless energy.
9. The hearty atmosphere at the party made everyone feel welcome.
10. The chef's hearty recommendations led us to a fantastic meal.
11. The community members exchanged hearty greetings at the annual festival.
12. The hearty aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen.
13. The traveler enjoyed a hearty conversation with the locals about their customs.
14. She greeted us with a hearty smile, making us feel instantly welcome.
15. The hearty laughter of friends echoed through the room.
16. He gave a hearty handshake to express his genuine congratulations.
17. A hearty meal after a long hike was much appreciated.
18. Their hearty support encouraged us to pursue our goals.
19. The team received a hearty applause for their hard work.
20. The hearty cheers of the crowd spurred the team to victory.
21. His hearty recommendation played a crucial role in my job offer.
22. The hearty camaraderie among colleagues improved workplace morale.
23. We enjoyed a hearty conversation over a cup of steaming coffee.
24. Her hearty enthusiasm for the project inspired everyone involved.



enthusiastic, apathetic, unenthusiastic, indifferent


SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 11, Composure and Amiability

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