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How to pronounce hosanna (audio)

Dictionary definition of hosanna

A fervent expression of praise, adoration, or supplication.
"In moments of deep gratitude, individuals uttered a heartfelt "Hosanna" as they recognized blessings in their lives."

Detailed meaning of hosanna

"Hosanna" is an exclamation that originated from Hebrew and has been adopted by various religious traditions. In religious contexts, particularly within Christianity, "hosanna" is often used as a joyful shout of exultation and reverence, acknowledging the greatness and power of a divine being, typically associated with Jesus Christ. The term carries a sense of honor, triumph, and a plea for salvation or deliverance. It is a word that evokes a deep sense of awe, devotion, and surrender to a higher power. Throughout history, "hosanna" has been incorporated into religious rituals, liturgies, and hymns, serving as a powerful invocation of divine presence and an affirmation of faith. Its usage serves as a spiritual declaration, expressing the deep longing for spiritual fulfillment and the recognition of the divine sovereignty.

Example sentences containing hosanna

1. "Hosanna!" they sang, raising their voices in unison, filled with pure adoration.
2. With eyes lifted high, she whispered a heartfelt "Hosanna" to the midnight sky.
3. "Hosanna in the highest!" The chorus resonated, echoing grace throughout the hall.
4. Children danced, their tiny voices ringing out, "Hosanna!" in innocent joy.
5. He climbed the peak, shouting "Hosanna!" to the heavens, a soul unburdened.
6. Amidst the storm's rage, a brave "Hosanna!" pierced the air, silencing the tempest.

History and etymology of hosanna

The exclamation 'hosanna' has a rich etymology that originates from Hebrew and is found in religious contexts, particularly in the Christian tradition. It comes from the Hebrew phrase 'hoshia na,' which means 'save, we pray' or 'save us, we beseech.' This phrase appears in the Old Testament of the Bible, specifically in the Book of Psalms, as a plea for divine salvation and deliverance. In the New Testament, during the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, people shouted 'Hosanna' to express their praise and adoration, welcoming him as a savior and king. Over time, 'hosanna' has become an exclamation of fervent praise, adoration, or supplication, particularly in religious or worshipful contexts, carrying with it the historical and spiritual significance of invoking salvation and divine intervention.

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Further usage examples of hosanna

1. "Hosanna!" cried the gathered mass, a symphony of faith vibrating the air.
2. Their "Hosanna!" lingered, an offering of reverence painting the silent night.
3. "Hosanna" echoed in the sanctuary, every heart attuned to a divine harmony.
4. In garden's silence, nature whispered "Hosanna," honoring the morning sun.
5. A "Hosanna!" born from depths of despair, ascended, touching heaven's mercy.
6. Shadows danced as the fire’s light carried their unified "Hosanna!" upward.
7. She penned a "Hosanna" in her journal, a silent yet fervent act of worship.
8. "Hosanna!" resounded, a collective prayer ascending on the wings of faith.
9. The artist's brushstrokes, infused with "Hosanna," told tales of sacred adoration.
10. Waves lapped the shore, each one a whispered "Hosanna," praising creation’s song.
11. With tears of joy, the old man’s "Hosanna" marked the end of his long journey.
12. Under the starlit sky, a hushed "Hosanna" bore witness to the miracle unfolding.
13. "Hosanna," echoed in the void, a solitary praise connecting heaven and earth.
14. Amidst falling leaves, a "Hosanna" rang out, marking autumn’s sacred arrival.
15. The crowd waved palm branches and chanted "Hosanna!" as Jesus entered Jerusalem.
16. The choir's voices soared, filling the church with the resounding exclamation of "Hosanna!"
17. With hands lifted high, the worshippers sang "Hosanna in the highest!" during the praise and worship session.
18. The congregation joined together in a heartfelt cry of "Hosanna, save us!" during the prayer for healing.
19. In the midst of adversity, the faithful believers raised their voices in a chorus of "Hosanna, help us!"
20. The congregation erupted with shouts of "Hosanna!" as the pastor announced the good news of answered prayers.
21. During the Easter service, the church echoed with the proclamation of "Hosanna, He is risen!"
22. The worship band played a lively song of praise, inviting the congregation to sing out "Hosanna!"
23. As the sunset painted the sky with vibrant hues, a lone voice whispered "Hosanna, Creator of beauty."
24. The choir's harmonious voices filled the cathedral, singing "Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"



praise, criticism, censure, condemnation


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