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How to pronounce imperturbable (audio)

Dictionary definition of imperturbable

Calm, composed, and unshakable, even in difficult or stressful situations.
"He was an imperturbable negotiator, never getting flustered or agitated."

Detailed meaning of imperturbable

They are able to maintain their composure and remain calm in the face of adversity, and are often seen as being unruffled or unflappable. This can include being able to remain calm and composed during a crisis, or being able to maintain a professional demeanor in a difficult or confrontational situation.

Being imperturbable is a positive trait that can help to create a sense of stability and security in those around you, it can help to diffuse tense situations and to inspire confidence in others.

An imperturbable person is often seen as being in control of their emotions, they are not easily flustered or upset, they are able to remain calm and focused in difficult situations.

In general, imperturbable refers to someone who is calm, composed, and unshakable, even in difficult or stressful situations, they are able to maintain their composure and remain calm in the face of adversity, and are often seen as being unruffled or unflappable, this trait can help to create a sense of stability and security in those around you, and to inspire confidence in others.

Example sentences containing imperturbable

1. Even during the heated debate, he maintained an imperturbable tone, presenting his arguments logically.
2. Despite the urgent deadline, he approached the task with an imperturbable focus.
3. Despite the chaos around her, she remained imperturbable, maintaining her calm demeanor.
4. Even in the face of criticism, she maintained an imperturbable attitude, staying true to herself.
5. In the midst of chaos, he remained imperturbable, finding solutions calmly.
6. His imperturbable nature made him an excellent candidate for high-pressure situations.

History and etymology of imperturbable

The adjective 'imperturbable' has its roots in Latin, where 'in-' signifies negation and 'perturbare' means 'to disturb' or 'to agitate.' When combined, 'imperturbable' conveys the idea of being unshakable and immune to disturbance or agitation. In English, 'imperturbable' was adopted in the 17th century to describe individuals who remain calm, composed, and unruffled, even in the face of difficult or stressful situations. The etymology of 'imperturbable' underscores its historical connection to the concept of unwavering composure and resilience, emphasizing the quality of remaining undisturbed and unperturbed in the midst of challenges or turmoil.

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Further usage examples of imperturbable

1. The imperturbable cat observed the commotion in the room from its perch, completely unfazed.
2. He remained imperturbable even in the face of adversity.
3. She was known for her imperturbable nature and calm demeanor.
4. The imperturbable leader guided the company through difficult times.
5. She was an imperturbable performer, always delivering a flawless performance.
6. The imperturbable pilot flew the plane through the storm.
7. He was an imperturbable chess player, always thinking several moves ahead.
8. She was an imperturbable doctor, always remaining calm in emergency situations.
9. The imperturbable teacher never let the students disrupt the class.
10. He was an imperturbable detective, always keeping a cool head during investigations.
11. She was an imperturbable customer service representative, always handling complaints with poise.
12. The imperturbable robot was able to complete its tasks without being affected by external factors.
13. In the face of chaos, her imperturbable demeanor provided a sense of stability.
14. The imperturbable captain guided the ship through the storm with ease.
15. His imperturbable confidence inspired trust among his team members.
16. She remained imperturbable despite the relentless criticism from her peers.
17. The diplomat's imperturbable nature was essential during tense negotiations.
18. Even under immense pressure, he maintained an imperturbable composure.
19. The leader's imperturbable resolve kept the group focused on their goals.
20. Her imperturbable smile in the midst of adversity was truly remarkable.
21. The surgeon's imperturbable hands worked with precision in critical moments.
22. He faced the audience with an imperturbable expression, ready to perform.
23. The detective's imperturbable attitude helped solve even the most complex cases.
24. His imperturbable faith in humanity remained unshaken despite life's challenges.



unflappable, excitable, agitated, nervous


Prefix im-, Suffix -able, Dominance and Dissent, Perseverance and Fortitude, Composure and Amiability

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