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How to pronounce impinge (audio)


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Dictionary definition of impinge

To have a negative impact or influence on something, often in a gradual or subtle way.
"The traffic congestion was starting to impinge on their plans for the day."

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Detailed meaning of impinge

It can also refer to the act of coming into contact with something, especially in a way that causes interference or obstruction. When something impinges on another thing, it may cause harm or damage to it, or otherwise limit its functioning or effectiveness. The term is often used in the context of physical objects, such as when a rock impinges on a windshield, causing it to crack or break. However, it can also be used in more abstract or figurative contexts, such as when a new policy impinges on personal freedoms or when a person's behavior impinges on their relationships. Overall, the verb impinge connotes a sense of negative impact or interference, often leading to undesirable consequences.

Example sentences containing impinge

1. His lack of discipline was starting to impinge on the quality of his work.
2. The sudden change in temperature impinged on her ability to enjoy the outdoor concert.
3. The new regulations will impinge on companies' freedom to operate as they see fit.
4. The noise from the construction site was starting to impinge on her peace and quiet.
5. The company's outdated policies impinged on their employees' creativity and innovation.
6. The increasing cost of living was starting to impinge on their standard of living.

History and etymology of impinge

The verb 'impinge' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'impingere,' which is a combination of 'im-' (meaning 'against') and 'pungere' (meaning 'to prick' or 'to pierce'). In Latin, 'impingere' was used in the sense of striking or dashing against something. Over time, as it entered English, 'impinge' retained its core sense of something coming into contact with or striking against another. In its modern usage, 'impinge' refers to having a negative impact or influence on something, often in a gradual or subtle way, as if it were slowly pricking or chipping away at its well-being or integrity. Its etymology embodies the idea of an external force making contact and gradually affecting something negatively, aligning with its contemporary meaning.

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Further usage examples of impinge

1. The poor air quality was starting to impinge on the health of local residents.
2. The limited resources were starting to impinge on the progress of the project.
3. The harsh winter weather impinged on the delivery of essential goods to the remote village.
4. The lack of funding was starting to impinge on the success of the non-profit organization.
5. The limited access to education was starting to impinge on the future prospects of the children in the community.
6. The relentless noise from the construction site began to impinge on my ability to concentrate.
7. His harsh criticism started to impinge on her self-esteem, causing her confidence to waver.
8. Changes to the local zoning laws could impinge on property values in the neighborhood.
9. Environmental pollution could severely impinge on the health of both wildlife and humans.
10. Government surveillance threatens to impinge on citizens' basic right to privacy.
11. Racial prejudice continues to impinge on the fair treatment of minority communities.
12. The constant stream of notifications began to impinge on my focus and productivity.
13. The imposition of tariffs could impinge on global trade relations and economic growth.
14. Lack of transparency in decision-making processes can impinge on public trust.
15. Rapid technological advancements impinge on traditional job markets, creating displacement.
16. Overfishing in the oceans can impinge on the ecological balance of marine life.
17. Cultural appropriation can impinge on the dignity and respect owed to marginalized groups.
18. Inadequate parental support can impinge on a child’s educational outcomes and well-being.
19. A shortage of medical supplies could impinge on the effectiveness of healthcare systems.
20. The ever-increasing cost of living continues to impinge on the financial stability of families.
21. Media sensationalism can impinge on a fair and unbiased understanding of current events.
22. The surge in online shopping threatens to impinge on the survival of local brick-and-mortar stores.
23. Prolonged exposure to stress can impinge on both physical and mental health over time.
24. Gentrification in urban areas can impinge on the integrity and cohesion of existing communities.
25. The growing political divide appears to impinge on constructive dialogue and compromise.



encroach, avoid, respect, bypass


Prefix im-, GRE 5 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Harmful and Detrimental

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