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intrude, retreat, withdraw, respect


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How to pronounce encroach (audio)


Dictionary definition of encroach

To gradually intrude or interfere with something, typically without permission or right.
"Soldiers at the border began to encroach upon enemy territories."

Detailed meaning of encroach

It can be used in various contexts such as physical, legal, or figurative. For example, it can be used to describe a person or organization that gradually takes over or occupies a piece of land, building or property that does not belong to them. It can also be used to describe a person or group that gradually takes over or interferes with the rights, privileges or interests of others. Encroachment can also happen in a figurative way, when someone's actions or words intrude into another's personal or emotional space. In legal terms, it can refer to the act of violating or trespassing on someone's legal rights or claims. Encroachment is often seen as a gradual and subtle process, and it can happen without the person or organization being aware of it.

Example sentences containing encroach

1. Urban sprawl continues to encroach on the peaceful countryside.
2. As the jungle reclaims its space, it starts to encroach on abandoned structures.
3. Technological advances sometimes encroach upon our personal and private moments.
4. Developers tend to encroach on natural habitats without adequate foresight.
5. The rising waters gradually encroach on coastal communities, causing concern.
6. New construction projects often encroach on animal territories, leading to displacement.

History and etymology of encroach

The verb 'encroach' has its etymological roots in Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'encrochier,' which means 'to seize' or 'to fasten onto.' This Old French term itself is believed to have origins in the Latin word 'croccus,' meaning 'hook' or 'barb.' Over time, 'encroach' evolved in English to describe the gradual intrusion or interference with something, typically without permission or right. The term carries the idea of figuratively 'hooking onto' or advancing into territory or domains where one does not belong, often implying a subtle and unwanted encroachment. When we speak of something or someone 'encroaching' today, we are drawing on its historical connection to the notion of unauthorized intrusion or gradual overstepping of boundaries.

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Further usage examples of encroach

1. We need policies that don't let industries encroach on environmentally sensitive areas.
2. Some argue that stringent regulations encroach on the rights of business owners.
3. The invasive plant species began to encroach on the native vegetation rapidly.
4. Beware of the shadows that encroach on the edges of our perception.
5. Overzealous marketing tactics might encroach upon consumer privacy rights.
6. As cities grow, they often encroach on farmland and open spaces.
7. Some feel that electronic devices encroach on traditional family time.
8. We mustn't allow our fears to encroach upon our aspirations and goals.
9. International politics can sometimes encroach on a country's sovereign rights.
10. The rapid urbanization can encroach upon the serenity of rural communities.
11. Constant distractions in our lives encroach on moments of self-reflection.
12. It's crucial to ensure modern laws don't encroach on age-old traditions.
13. Authorities need to ensure that businesses don't encroach on public lands.
14. Without proper planning, transportation routes encroach on residential areas.
15. As the sand dunes shift, they can encroach on nearby roads and properties.
16. In heated debates, some topics can encroach on personal boundaries.
17. Tensions rise when competing nations encroach on shared resources.
18. Family disputes often encroach on otherwise harmonious gatherings.
19. Their relentless ambition began to encroach on neighboring domains.
20. Old feuds can encroach on new alliances, straining relations.
21. Egos in the room started to encroach on productive dialogue.
22. When competitors encroach on patented designs, lawsuits ensue.
23. Historical disputes encroach on the potential for bilateral treaties.
24. The rival gang tried to encroach on our territory, sparking conflict.

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