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How to pronounce impregnable (audio)

Dictionary definition of impregnable

Exceptionally strong, secure, and resistant to being conquered, breached, or overcome.
"The city's defenses were impregnable, making it difficult to conquer."

Detailed meaning of impregnable

It's something that is protected by a strong defense or that is difficult to overcome. The term is often used to describe a fortification, such as a castle or fortress, that is difficult to capture or to breach. It can also refer to a natural barrier, such as a mountain or a cliff, that is difficult to climb or pass through.
In a figurative sense, impregnable can also refer to a person or an organization that is difficult to influence, sway or defeat. It can be used to describe a person or group that is resilient, self-assured and unyielding in the face of challenges.
It's important to note that impregnable doesn't mean invulnerable and it can always be overcome by new technologies, new tactics, or by using a combination of different methods.

Example sentences containing impregnable

1. The heavily fortified fortress was deemed impregnable.
2. Their unwavering unity made them appear impregnable.
3. The advanced security system rendered the facility nearly impregnable.
4. The dense jungle terrain seemed almost impregnable.
5. The legal team's arguments were considered impregnable.
6. The mountain range acted as an almost impregnable natural barrier.

History and etymology of impregnable

The adjective 'impregnable' has its etymological roots in Latin, specifically from the Latin word 'impregnabilis.' This Latin term combines 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'pugnabilis,' meaning 'able to be fought' or 'defended.' Thus, 'impregnabilis' conveyed the idea of something that cannot be easily fought or breached, making it exceptionally strong and secure. As it transitioned into English, 'impregnable' retained this fundamental meaning, describing something as highly resistant to conquest, breach, or being overcome. The etymology of 'impregnable' vividly illustrates the notion of an almost impenetrable defense, emphasizing the formidable nature of that which is exceptionally strong and secure against external threats or challenges.

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Further usage examples of impregnable

1. The castle's towering walls made it virtually impregnable.
2. The cybersecurity measures were designed to be impregnable.
3. The champion boxer's record was nearly impregnable.
4. The city's ancient stone walls appeared impregnable.
5. The goalie's exceptional reflexes made the goal almost impregnable.
6. The heavily armed soldiers created an impregnable defense.
7. The financial institution's security protocols were nearly impregnable.
8. The team's unwavering confidence made them seem impregnable.
9. The ancient citadel was considered practically impregnable.
10. The bunker was constructed to be utterly impregnable.
11. The diplomatic negotiations aimed to establish an impregnable alliance.
12. The impregnable shield protected the hero in battle.
13. The imposing stone fort was thought to be impregnable.
14. Their indomitable spirit made them almost impregnable in adversity.
15. The fortress was considered impregnable, but it was eventually conquered.
16. The security system was designed to be impregnable, but it was hacked.
17. The island was thought to be impregnable, but it was invaded.
18. The argument was so well-built that it seemed impregnable.
19. The team's defense was impregnable, they didn't allow any goals.
20. The castle's walls were impregnable, preventing any invaders from entering.
21. The encryption was said to be impregnable, but it was cracked.
22. The company's financial situation was impregnable, it was immune to any crisis.
23. The theory was considered impregnable, but new evidence disproved it.
24. The team's position was impregnable, they were unbeatable.
25. The argument was impregnable, it couldn't be contradicted.



invulnerable, vulnerable, penetrable, accessible


Prefix im-, Suffix -able, ACT 8 (American College Testing), High School 12, Protection and Avoidance

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