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How to pronounce unassailable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unassailable

Impervious to attack, challenge, or criticism and considered entirely secure, invincible, and beyond dispute.
"The result gives the newcomer an unassailable lead with one round of voting to go."

Detailed meaning of unassailable

When we characterize an idea, position, or fortress as unassailable, we emphasize its indomitable strength and the impossibility of successfully opposing it. Unassailability implies a level of security and unquestionable superiority that cannot be questioned or undermined. This term is often associated with unwavering principles, arguments, or positions that are considered irrefutable and impervious to doubt or challenge. Overall, "unassailable" conveys the idea of absolute invincibility and unimpeachable credibility, signifying a level of authority or infallibility that is difficult to challenge or dispute.

Example sentences containing unassailable

1. Freedom of movement is one of the European Union's unassailable conditions of membership.
2. The fans begin celebrating in belief that their team now have an unassailable lead.
3. Nobody can deny he has an unassailable alibi.
4. He may not be popular but he has an unassailable argument.
5. After the second round of voting, the green party appeared to be in an unassailable position.
6. The evidence against him was unassailable, and he was found guilty beyond a doubt.

History and etymology of unassailable

The adjective 'unassailable' is derived from the combination of the prefix 'un-' (meaning 'not') and 'assailable,' which is formed from 'assail,' originating from the Old French word 'assaillir,' meaning 'to attack' or 'to assail.' Therefore, 'assailable' implies vulnerability to attack or challenge. When 'un-' is added to it, it negates this vulnerability, creating 'unassailable,' which means impervious to attack, challenge, or criticism. 'Unassailable' describes something that is considered entirely secure, invincible, and beyond dispute, often suggesting a high level of strength, integrity, or credibility that cannot be easily undermined or questioned. The etymology of 'unassailable' underscores its historical connection to the concept of being impervious to attack or challenge, emphasizing the idea of invincibility and indisputability.

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Further usage examples of unassailable

1. She had an unassailable reputation for honesty and integrity.
2. The company's position in the market was unassailable, with no real competition in sight.
3. He had an unassailable record of success in his field.
4. Her argument was unassailable, and no one could find a way to refute it.
5. The fortress was considered unassailable, with strong walls and a well-trained defense force.
6. His reputation for fairness and impartiality was unassailable.
7. The company's financial position was unassailable, with a strong balance sheet and steady profits.
8. She had an unassailable record of achievement in her field.
9. The team's defense was unassailable, and they went on to win the championship.
10. His reputation for honesty and transparency was unassailable.
11. The company's position as the market leader was unassailable, with a dominant share of the market.
12. Barring equipment failure, the favourite has an unassailable lead and heads towards victory.
13. Her unassailable logic left no room for debate on the matter.
14. The fortress was built to be an unassailable stronghold.
15. His unassailable reputation as a scholar was widely recognized.
16. The team's flawless performance made their victory unassailable.
17. The evidence presented in court was deemed unassailable.
18. Their partnership was considered unassailable in the business world.
19. The mountain's towering cliffs appeared unassailable to climbers.
20. The CEO's unassailable leadership led the company to success.
21. The encryption system provided an unassailable level of security.
22. His unassailable ethics earned him the trust of many.
23. The legal argument presented by the attorney was unassailable.
24. The athlete's unassailable record remained intact for years.



invincible, vulnerable, weak, attackable


Suffix -able, Assurance and Confidence, Strength and Resilience, Confidence and Optimism

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