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How to pronounce incentivize (audio)

Dictionary definition of incentivize

To provide motivation or rewards in order to encourage certain behavior or actions.
"The app offers rewards and discounts to incentivize users to invite their friends to join."

Detailed meaning of incentivize

It involves creating a system of incentives or benefits that are designed to influence individuals or groups to act in a desired way. By offering incentives such as financial rewards, recognition, or other tangible benefits, organizations or governments aim to stimulate and promote specific behaviors or outcomes. The purpose of incentivizing is to make a particular action more appealing or attractive by attaching positive consequences or rewards to it, ultimately driving individuals or entities to engage in the desired behavior. Incentivizing can be seen in various contexts, such as businesses incentivizing employees to meet performance targets, governments incentivizing citizens to adopt environmentally friendly practices, or marketers incentivizing consumers to make a purchase through discounts or loyalty programs.

Example sentences containing incentivize

1. The company incentivizes its employees with performance-based bonuses.
2. The government aims to incentivize renewable energy investments through tax credits.
3. To promote healthy eating habits, the school incentivizes students with rewards for choosing nutritious meals.
4. The company implemented a referral program to incentivize customers to recommend their products.
5. The city council launched a campaign to incentivize citizens to use public transportation by offering reduced fares.
6. The fitness center incentivizes members to achieve their fitness goals by providing free personal training sessions.

History and etymology of incentivize

The verb 'incentivize' is a derivative of the noun 'incentive,' which itself is rooted in the Latin word 'incentivus' and the verb 'incendere,' meaning 'to set on fire' or 'to kindle.' In Latin, 'incentivus' was used to describe something that stimulated action or motivation. 'Incentivize' is a modern formation in English that involves adding the suffix '-ize' to 'incentive.' This suffix is often used to convert nouns into verbs, indicating the action or process associated with the noun. So, 'incentivize' means to provide motivation or rewards with the aim of encouraging specific behavior or actions. It embodies the concept of stimulating or kindling motivation through incentives. The etymology of 'incentivize' aligns with its role in describing the act of motivating or encouraging certain behavior by offering incentives or rewards.

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Further usage examples of incentivize

1. The university offers scholarships to incentivize high-achieving students to enroll in their programs.
2. The online retailer uses gamification to incentivize customers to write product reviews in exchange for loyalty points.
3. The government plans to incentivize small businesses to hire more employees by providing tax breaks.
4. The hotel incentivizes guests to conserve energy by offering discounts for opting out of daily room cleaning.
5. The car manufacturer incentivizes eco-friendly driving habits by giving discounts on hybrid and electric vehicle models.
6. To boost productivity, companies often incentivize their employees with performance bonuses.
7. Governments may incentivize renewable energy adoption through tax credits.
8. Schools incentivize students to read more by offering book vouchers as rewards.
9. The app offers points to incentivize users to complete daily tasks.
10. Nonprofits use donations to incentivize community engagement.
11. Employers often incentivize health and wellness with gym memberships.
12. Tax deductions can incentivize individuals to invest in retirement accounts.
13. Retailers incentivize loyalty with exclusive discounts for repeat customers.
14. Environmentalists propose policies to incentivize green transportation.
15. Businesses incentivize customer reviews with discounts on future purchases.
16. To reduce traffic, cities incentivize carpooling through HOV lane access.
17. Companies incentivize innovation by offering cash prizes for new ideas.
18. Governments incentivize vaccination with free healthcare services.
19. Education grants can incentivize students to pursue higher degrees.
20. Employers may incentivize employees to volunteer with paid time off.
21. Entrepreneurs often incentivize investors with equity in their startups.
22. To curb littering, cities incentivize proper disposal through fines.
23. Schools incentivize academic excellence with scholarships.
24. Companies incentivize green practices by offering eco-friendly products.
25. Civic engagement can be incentivized through voting rewards programs.



motivate, discourage, dissuade, deter


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