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How to pronounce inconceivable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inconceivable

Difficult or impossible to imagine, believe, or understand.
"The notion that we are alone in the universe is inconceivable to some."


Detailed meaning of inconceivable

It refers to something that is so extraordinary, unexpected, or unlikely that it seems beyond comprehension or understanding. For example, "it is inconceivable that the sun will not rise tomorrow" means that it is so unlikely and unimaginable that the sun will not rise tomorrow that it seems beyond belief. The term "inconceivable" emphasizes the idea of being so surprising, extraordinary, or unlikely that it is difficult or impossible to imagine or believe, and conveys the idea of something that is beyond comprehension or understanding. In some cases, the term "inconceivable" may also be used to describe something that is considered morally or ethically wrong or unacceptable, and is used to express strong disapproval or disbelief. In this sense, the term emphasizes the idea of being so wrong or unacceptable that it is beyond belief or comprehension.

Example sentences containing inconceivable

1. The scale of destruction caused by the earthquake was inconceivable.
2. Winning the lottery seemed inconceivable to him until it actually happened.
3. The level of corruption within the government was inconceivable to the general public.
4. It was inconceivable to her that her best friend would betray her trust.
5. The idea of time travel was once considered inconceivable, but now scientists are exploring its possibilities.
6. The depth of his love for her was inconceivable to those around them.

History and etymology of inconceivable

The adjective 'inconceivable' has its origins in the Latin word 'concebere,' which means 'to conceive' or 'to form in the mind.' The prefix 'in-' in English serves as a negation, denoting the opposite of the action. Therefore, 'inconceivable' etymologically means 'not able to be conceived' or 'beyond the realm of imagination or belief.' When something is described as inconceivable, it implies that it is so extraordinary, complex, or unbelievable that it surpasses the limits of what one can imagine or comprehend. The etymology of 'inconceivable' underscores the idea that certain concepts or ideas are so far-fetched or beyond the ordinary that they defy easy mental assimilation, emphasizing their extraordinary and often unbelievable nature.

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Further usage examples of inconceivable

1. The amount of wealth amassed by the billionaire was inconceivable to most people.
2. The complexity of the mathematical problem was inconceivable to the average student.
3. The beauty of the sunset was so breathtaking, it was inconceivable to capture its essence in words.
4. The speed at which technology is advancing is inconceivable to previous generations.
5. The magnitude of the natural disaster was inconceivable until witnessed firsthand.
6. The thought of living without electricity in modern times was inconceivable to her.
7. The level of deception in the elaborate scheme was inconceivable to the authorities.
8. The idea of a parallel universe existing alongside ours was once considered inconceivable.
9. The number of stars in the universe is inconceivable to comprehend.
10. The amount of food wasted globally each day is inconceivable, considering the number of people who go hungry.
11. The concept of infinity is inconceivable to the human mind.
12. The speed at which the virus spread throughout the population was inconceivable.
13. The idea of life on other planets was once considered inconceivable, but now it is a topic of scientific research.
14. The extent of her talent was inconceivable to those who had never witnessed her perform.
15. It is inconceivable that he could have committed such a heinous act.
16. The level of success she achieved in such a short time was inconceivable.
17. The idea of living without the internet is inconceivable to many people.
18. The scale of the disaster was inconceivable to those who had not witnessed it.
19. The fact that he managed to escape from prison undetected was inconceivable.
20. The notion of a world without electricity is inconceivable to most of us.
21. The concept of time travel is fascinating, yet inconceivable at present.
22. The level of poverty in some countries is inconceivable to those living in more affluent nations.
23. The idea that a machine could replace human thought and emotion is inconceivable.
24. The thought of swimming with sharks is inconceivable to some people.
25. The possibility of a cure for some diseases once considered incurable is inconceivable.



unimaginable, plausible, conceivable, believable


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