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How to pronounce unfathomable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unfathomable

Impossible to fully comprehend, measure, or understand due to extreme complexity, depth, or vastness.
"The complexity of the universe is unfathomable to our limited minds."


Detailed meaning of unfathomable

When something is characterized as unfathomable, it suggests a level of intricacy or profundity that exceeds human capacity for complete comprehension. This term can apply to various contexts, such as the unfathomable depths of the ocean that remain largely unexplored, an unfathomable mystery that defies explanation, or an unfathomable level of grief or sorrow that is difficult to grasp. "Unfathomable" underscores the idea of something being beyond the reach of human understanding, often emphasizing the sense of awe and wonder that arises when confronted with the immeasurable and incomprehensible.

Example sentences containing unfathomable

1. The depths of the ocean held an unfathomable mystery that intrigued explorers.
2. The complexity of the ancient language made deciphering the text an unfathomable task.
3. Her unfathomable grief after the loss of her loved one left her in a state of numbness.
4. The starry night sky seemed vast and unfathomable, evoking a sense of wonder.
5. The artist's ability to capture human emotion in a single brushstroke was unfathomable.
6. The unfathomable beauty of the natural landscape left everyone speechless.

History and etymology of unfathomable

The adjective 'unfathomable' has its etymological origins in Old English. It is a combination of 'un-' and 'fathomable.' 'Fathom' comes from the Old English word 'fæðm,' which means 'to embrace' or 'to encircle with one's arms.' Over time, 'fathom' came to represent a unit of measurement for depth in nautical contexts. Therefore, 'unfathomable' literally means 'not able to be measured by fathoms.' In modern usage, it describes something as impossible to fully comprehend, measure, or understand due to extreme complexity, depth, or vastness. 'Unfathomable' conveys the idea that the subject is so profound or extensive that it exceeds the limits of human understanding or measurement, leaving one in awe of its sheer magnitude or intricacy.

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Further usage examples of unfathomable

1. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery opened up new, unfathomable possibilities.
2. The tragic ending of the novel left readers with an unfathomable sense of sorrow.
3. The complexity of the universe's origins remained an unfathomable enigma.
4. The actor's ability to transform into different characters was truly unfathomable.
5. The historian delved into the unfathomable depths of ancient civilizations.
6. The technological advancements in recent years have brought us unfathomable progress.
7. The artist's unfathomable talent allowed her to recreate scenes with incredible accuracy.
8. The enormity of the disaster's impact was unfathomable to those who witnessed it.
9. The bond between the twins was unfathomable, as they often finished each other's sentences.
10. The unfathomable depths of the cave held secrets that had never been uncovered.
11. The composer's symphony evoked emotions that were unfathomable to describe.
12. The unfathomable diversity of cultures in the bustling city made it a melting pot of traditions.
13. The astronaut gazed out at the unfathomable expanse of space from the spacecraft window.
14. The sheer number of stars in the night sky was unfathomable, reminding us of the universe's vastness.



incomprehensible, clear, understandable, comprehensible


Suffix -able, Problems and Conundrums, Complexity and Intricacy, Demanding and Challenging, Astonish and Outlandish

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