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How to pronounce incontrovertible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of incontrovertible

Absolutely undeniable and beyond dispute or controversy.
"The evidence was incontrovertible and proved the defendant's guilt."


Detailed meaning of incontrovertible

When a fact, argument, or piece of evidence is labeled as incontrovertible, it means that it is so clear, certain, and self-evident that it cannot be reasonably questioned, challenged, or refuted. Incontrovertible truths are typically based on concrete and indisputable evidence, leaving no room for doubt or alternative interpretations. This word is often employed in legal, scientific, and philosophical contexts to emphasize the unquestionable and irrefutable nature of a statement or proposition. It underscores the idea that the evidence or reasoning supporting a claim is so compelling that it stands as an absolute truth, impervious to contradiction or debate.

Example sentences containing incontrovertible

1. The sunrise's beauty was incontrovertible, painting the sky with shades of gold and crimson.
2. Jane had an incontrovertible talent for playing the violin, delighting audiences everywhere.
3. The DNA evidence provided an incontrovertible link to the crime scene.
4. Incontrovertible proof of the company's financial success was displayed in its soaring stock prices.
5. Their commitment to each other was incontrovertible, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.
6. We were stunned by the incontrovertible truth of his statement; there was no room for doubt.

History and etymology of incontrovertible

The adjective 'incontrovertible' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'incontrovertibilis,' which combines 'in-' meaning 'not' or 'un-' and 'controvertibilis,' meaning 'controversial' or 'debatable.' In its essence, 'incontrovertible' originally meant not open to debate or controversy. Over time, this term was adopted into English to describe something that is absolutely undeniable and beyond dispute or controversy. An incontrovertible fact or argument is one that cannot be questioned or disputed due to its evident truth or irrefutable evidence. The etymology of 'incontrovertible' underscores its historical connection to the idea of being beyond controversy or debate, emphasizing the unequivocal and indisputable nature of that which it describes.

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Further usage examples of incontrovertible

1. It's an incontrovertible fact that gravity pulls us towards the Earth.
2. Her painting displayed an incontrovertible grasp of color and texture.
3. Despite their differences, their friendship remained incontrovertible.
4. The judge required incontrovertible evidence to reach a fair verdict.
5. His passion for social justice was incontrovertible, guiding his actions and decisions.
6. The novel's success was an incontrovertible testament to the author's skill.
7. After years of debate, they finally reached an incontrovertible conclusion.
8. She offered incontrovertible arguments in support of the new policy.
9. His innocence became incontrovertible after the true culprit confessed.
10. The team's triumph in the tournament was an incontrovertible achievement.
11. His alibi was incontrovertible, supported by several eyewitness accounts.
12. The photographs offered incontrovertible evidence of the environmental damage.
13. Despite the controversy, her leadership and vision were incontrovertible.
14. The lab results gave incontrovertible proof of the chemical reaction.



indisputable, debatable, disputable, questionable


Suffix -ible, GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), Accuracy and Precision, Certainty and Conviction, Clarity and Candor, Truth and Honesty

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