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How to pronounce indemnify (audio)


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Dictionary definition of indemnify

To compensate or protect someone against a loss, damage, or liability.
"The government offered to indemnify farmers for crop losses due to natural disasters."

Detailed meaning of indemnify

When one party indemnifies another, they assume responsibility for any potential financial or legal consequences that may arise from a particular situation. This can include reimbursing expenses, providing financial restitution, or offering legal defense. The purpose of indemnification is to ensure that the indemnified party is not burdened with the negative consequences of an event, and instead, the indemnifying party assumes the associated risks and obligations. By indemnifying someone, individuals or organizations provide a form of security and reassurance against potential harm, safeguarding them from financial or legal repercussions.

Example sentences containing indemnify

1. The insurance company agreed to indemnify the policyholder for the damages caused by the accident.
2. The contractor agreed to indemnify the homeowner against any construction defects or liabilities.
3. The company's legal team advised them to indemnify their employees in case of any legal disputes arising from their work.
4. The landlord required the tenants to indemnify them against any damages caused to the property.
5. The manufacturer promised to indemnify customers for any injuries resulting from product defects.
6. The contract included a clause stating that the parties would indemnify each other against any third-party claims.

History and etymology of indemnify

The verb 'indemnify' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'indemnificare.' It is formed from 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'damnum,' which translates to 'loss' or 'damage.' 'Damnum' is associated with the concept of harm or loss, particularly in legal contexts. Therefore, the etymology of 'indemnify' conveys the idea of compensating or protecting someone against a loss, damage, or liability, emphasizing the act of ensuring that individuals or entities are not financially harmed by specific events or circumstances. This term is widely used in legal and financial contexts to describe the provision of compensation or protection against potential losses or liabilities, thereby mitigating financial risks and offering a sense of security.

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Further usage examples of indemnify

1. The concert organizer had to indemnify the venue for any damages caused by the event attendees.
2. The seller agreed to indemnify the buyer against any hidden defects in the property.
3. The software company provided a warranty to indemnify customers for any losses caused by software malfunctions.
4. The investor demanded that the startup indemnify them against any potential financial losses.
5. The service provider had a comprehensive liability insurance policy to indemnify clients in case of accidents or errors.
6. The insurance company agreed to indemnify her for the accident.
7. We will indemnify you against any financial losses incurred.
8. The contract stipulates that we will indemnify the supplier.
9. They promised to indemnify us for any potential legal fees.
10. The warranty will indemnify you for any defects in the product.
11. The company must indemnify its employees in case of injury.
12. Our policy will indemnify you in the event of property damage.
13. The manufacturer is obligated to indemnify consumers.
14. The agreement specifies how we will indemnify each other.
15. The contract clearly outlines who will indemnify whom.
16. The law requires employers to indemnify workers for injuries.
17. They offered to indemnify us against unforeseen expenses.
18. The insurance plan will indemnify you for medical bills.
19. The policyholder can indemnify themselves against losses.
20. We can indemnify the contractor for any project delays.
21. The company's mission is to indemnify its clients fully.
22. The contract's indemnification clause protects both parties.
23. The settlement will indemnify you for property damage.
24. The policy will indemnify you if your luggage is lost.
25. We'll indemnify you for any losses incurred during transit.



compensate, charge, penalize, fine


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