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humiliation, honor, respect, dignity


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How to pronounce indignity (audio)


Dictionary definition of indignity

An act or treatment that is offensive, humiliating, or disrespectful, causing a loss of dignity or self-respect.
"The elderly woman was subjected to the indignity of being ignored and dismissed by the hospital staff."

Detailed meaning of indignity

It involves actions, words, or circumstances that undermine a person's honor, pride, or sense of worthiness. Indignities can manifest in various forms, such as verbal abuse, discrimination, mistreatment, or physical harm. They often result in feelings of anger, shame, or humiliation for the individual who experiences them. Indignities can occur in personal relationships, social interactions, or institutional settings. They challenge a person's sense of self and can have long-lasting psychological and emotional effects. Indignity is an affront to a person's fundamental rights and is antithetical to the principles of respect, empathy, and equality. Recognizing and addressing indignities is essential for fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Example sentences containing indignity

1. He felt a deep sense of indignity when his ideas were ridiculed and belittled.
2. The workers faced the indignity of unfair wages and poor working conditions.
3. Being treated like a criminal was an indignity he was not prepared to accept.
4. The child endured the indignity of being bullied and mocked by his classmates.
5. The refugee experienced the indignity of having their personal belongings confiscated upon arrival.
6. The athlete felt the indignity of being disqualified due to a technicality.

History and etymology of indignity

The noun 'indignity' has its roots in Latin, particularly from the word 'indignitas,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'dignitas,' signifying 'dignity' or 'worthiness.' 'Dignitas' is derived from 'dignus,' meaning 'worthy' or 'deserving.' Therefore, the etymology of 'indignity' conveys the concept of something that is 'not worthy' or 'lacking dignity,' emphasizing an act or treatment that is offensive, humiliating, or disrespectful. It describes actions or behaviors that diminish one's sense of worthiness or self-respect, often causing emotional distress or harm. 'Indignity' is used to characterize actions or circumstances that violate a person's sense of honor and self-worth, highlighting the affront to their dignity and integrity.

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Further usage examples of indignity

1. She refused to tolerate the indignity of being discriminated against based on her gender.
2. The protest aimed to bring attention to the indignity suffered by marginalized communities.
3. The loss of his job was a profound indignity that left him feeling defeated.
4. Despite the indignity, she held her head high and refused to let it break her spirit.
5. The prisoners were subjected to various forms of indignity, stripping them of their humanity.
6. The prisoner suffered numerous indignities during his time in captivity.
7. She couldn't bear the indignity of being publicly humiliated.
8. The elderly man faced the indignity of having to rely on others for basic tasks.
9. The loss of her job was a great indignity for her.
10. He felt a sense of indignity when his ideas were dismissed without consideration.
11. The servant endured countless indignities at the hands of his cruel employer.
12. The homeless man endured the indignity of begging for food on the streets.
13. The student felt a deep sense of indignity when his work was plagiarized by a classmate.
14. The athlete refused to tolerate any indignities from the opposing team.
15. The old woman faced the indignity of having her belongings stolen while she slept.
16. She was determined to rise above the indignities of her past and build a better future.
17. The soldier faced the indignity of defeat on the battlefield.
18. The actor couldn't bear the indignity of being booed off the stage.
19. The patient endured the indignity of invasive medical procedures.
20. The employee faced the indignity of unfair treatment by his superiors.
21. The protester felt a deep sense of indignity at the violation of their rights.
22. The child felt a great sense of indignity when she was scolded in front of her classmates.
23. The prisoner's rights were violated, and he experienced numerous indignities in jail.
24. The refugee faced the indignity of being separated from his family during the migration.
25. The victim of the crime experienced the indignity of having their personal space invaded.

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