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harmless, dangerous, harmful, toxic


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How to pronounce innocuous (audio)


Dictionary definition of innocuous

Harmless, causing no damage or injury, and not posing any threat.
"The symptoms of some serious illnesses can start as innocuous discomforts."

Detailed meaning of innocuous

It can be used to describe a person, an action, or a thing that is not harmful, offensive, or dangerous. For example, an innocuous comment is one that is not intended to offend or hurt anyone, or an innocuous plant is one that is not poisonous or harmful in any way. Innocuous can also refer to something that is not very important, noticeable or significant, in the sense that it does not have any major impact or influence.

In general, Innocuous refers to something that is harmless, causing no damage or injury, and does not pose any threat. It implies that the person, action or thing in question is not harmful, offensive or dangerous and does not have a major impact or influence. It is not likely to cause harm or offense.

Example sentences containing innocuous

1. The statement was innocuous and didn't cause any harm.
2. His innocuous comment unintentionally offended someone.
3. The spider in the corner was innocuous and harmless.
4. The innocuous-looking plant turned out to be poisonous.
5. Her smile was innocuous, hiding her true feelings.
6. The innocuous prank resulted in laughter, not harm.

History and etymology of innocuous

The adjective 'innocuous' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'innocuus,' which combines 'in-' (meaning 'not') and 'nocuus' (meaning 'harmful'). Therefore, 'innocuous' essentially means 'not harmful' or 'causing no damage or injury.' It describes something that is benign, mild, and not posing any threat or danger. Its etymology reflects the idea of a lack of harmful intent or potential, emphasizing the safety and harmlessness of the subject in question.

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Further usage examples of innocuous

1. The substance appeared innocuous but was highly toxic.
2. The virus had an innocuous name but proved to be dangerous.
3. The movie's innocuous plot made it suitable for all audiences.
4. His innocuous demeanor concealed his cunning nature.
5. An innocuous mistake led to a major misunderstanding.
6. The medication had only innocuous side effects.
7. The email seemed innocuous, but it contained malware.
8. The child's innocuous question caught the teacher off guard.
9. The innocuous bird songs added to the peaceful ambiance.
10. The innocuous debate turned into a heated argument.
11. The dog's barking was innocuous and non-threatening.
12. Her innocuous appearance belied her inner strength.
13. An innocuous walk in the park turned into a memorable adventure.
14. The innocuous background music enhanced the restaurant's atmosphere.
15. The innocuous dress code allowed for casual attire.
16. The innocuous smell of fresh flowers filled the room.
17. The innocuous behavior of the new neighbor put everyone at ease.
18. The innocuous letter brought joy to her day.

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