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How to pronounce investiture (audio)

Dictionary definition of investiture

The act of officially conferring a position, rank, or honor upon someone, usually through a formal ceremony.
"The investiture of the new dean was a formal ceremony held at the university."

Detailed meaning of investiture

It can also refer to the formal dress or insignia worn during the ceremony. Investiture ceremonies are often associated with the appointment of high-ranking officials, such as heads of state or military commanders, but they can also be used to confer academic degrees or other prestigious awards. The investiture process typically involves the presentation of a symbol of authority, such as a robe, sash, or medal, as well as an oath or affirmation of allegiance. Overall, investiture is a formal and important event that signifies the transfer of power or recognition of achievement.

Example sentences containing investiture

1. The king's investiture took place in the grandest hall of the castle.
2. The investiture of the new archbishop was set to happen next month.
3. She was nervous about her upcoming investiture as the head of the department.
4. The prince's investiture was broadcast on national television.
5. After the investiture, the new dean made a stirring speech.
6. There were protesters outside the venue during the mayor's investiture.

History and etymology of investiture

The noun 'investiture' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'investitura.' In Latin, 'in' means 'in' or 'into,' and 'vestire' means 'to clothe' or 'to dress.' Therefore, 'investiture' can be etymologically understood as the act of clothing or dressing someone with a particular position, rank, or honor. This term is used to describe the formal ceremony or process of officially conferring authority, responsibility, or a title upon someone. During an investiture, individuals are symbolically 'clothed' with the attributes and responsibilities of the position they are assuming. The etymology of 'investiture' underscores the significance of the ceremony, which often involves the donning of special garments or regalia, as a way to mark the transition of authority or honor from one individual to another.

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Further usage examples of investiture

1. At her investiture, the president vowed to tackle corruption.
2. A huge crowd gathered in the town square to witness the queen's investiture.
3. The investiture ceremony marked the beginning of a new era for the corporation.
4. The investiture was a solemn event, reflecting the weight of the new responsibilities.
5. As part of the investiture, the new chancellor received the ceremonial chain of office.
6. His investiture as the company's CEO took place at the annual general meeting.
7. The archbishop's investiture was a highlight of the ecclesiastical calendar.
8. The judge's investiture was attended by many prominent members of the legal community.
9. He was honored at the investiture with a medal for his services to the community.
10. There were mixed feelings amongst the people about the upcoming investiture of the prince.
11. The student body eagerly anticipated the investiture of the new student council president.
12. The investiture of the new chairman was greeted with optimism by the company's employees.
13. The professor's investiture involved a ritual dating back several centuries.
14. Her investiture as club president took place at the end-of-year banquet.



ordination, divestiture, stripping, removal


Authority and Control, Dedication and Devotion, Occasions and Occurrences, Governance and Authority, Tradition and Heritage, Leadership and Governance

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