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How to pronounce kindle (audio)

Dictionary definition of kindle

To ignite or start a fire, both in a literal and metaphorical sense.
"The author's words kindle a spark of inspiration in the hearts of readers."

Detailed meaning of kindle

In its literal usage, 'kindle' describes the action of lighting or setting ablaze a material or substance, such as wood or paper, to initiate a fire. It implies the process of creating flames or a burning flame from a spark or other ignition source. Metaphorically, 'kindle' signifies the act of arousing or stimulating something, often emotions, interests, or passions. It represents the process of awakening or sparking a particular feeling, enthusiasm, or curiosity within oneself or others. For example, a captivating book can kindle a love for reading, a moving speech can kindle inspiration, or a heartfelt conversation can kindle a sense of connection. 'Kindle' also denotes the action of intensifying or increasing something, as in 'kindling' a friendship or 'kindling' a sense of excitement. Overall, 'kindle' embodies the idea of igniting, arousing, or stimulating, whether it be a physical fire or metaphorical flames of emotions or interests.

Example sentences containing kindle

1. She kindles a fire in the fireplace to keep the room warm and cozy.
2. The sight of the sunset kindles a sense of awe and wonder in her soul.
3. They kindle their love by going on romantic dates and sharing intimate moments.
4. The artist uses vibrant colors to kindle a sense of joy and happiness in his paintings.
5. The professor's passionate speech kindles a desire for knowledge in his students.
6. He kindles a sense of adventure in his children by taking them on thrilling trips.

History and etymology of kindle

The verb 'kindle' has its origins in Old English, where it was spelled as 'cyndelan.' This word can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic term 'kundiljan,' which meant 'to set fire to' or 'to ignite.' The root of 'kindle' is related to the concept of generating or sparking a fire. Over time, 'kindle' evolved to encompass not only the literal act of igniting a fire but also metaphorical uses, such as igniting emotions, passions, or interests. This dual nature of the word reflects its historical connection to the physical act of starting a fire and its ability to metaphorically describe the process of arousing or stimulating various aspects of human experience, making 'kindle' a versatile and expressive term in both its literal and figurative senses.

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Further usage examples of kindle

1. The aroma of freshly baked cookies kindles a feeling of comfort and nostalgia.
2. The singer's powerful voice kindles a range of emotions in the audience.
3. The documentary kindles awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.
4. The leader's vision and charisma kindle a sense of hope and motivation among the team.
5. The book's intriguing plot and well-developed characters kindle a desire to keep reading late into the night.
6. He used flint and steel to kindle a fire in the wilderness.
7. Her passionate speech kindled a spark of rebellion in the crowd.
8. The author's words have the power to kindle our imagination.
9. A single match can kindle the warmth of a cozy fireplace.
10. Their love story began to kindle on a summer evening.
11. The artist's vibrant colors kindled emotions in the viewers.
12. His determination to succeed continued to kindle despite setbacks.
13. The old photographs kindled fond memories of their youth.
14. A shared interest in music can kindle a deep connection.
15. The charity's work seeks to kindle hope in disadvantaged communities.
16. His smile never failed to kindle a sense of joy in those around him.
17. In adversity, their resilience kindled a fierce determination.
18. The sunrise over the mountains never failed to kindle awe.
19. Friendship can kindle bonds that last a lifetime.
20. The scent of pine needles can kindle memories of childhood.
21. The inventor's curiosity kindled a desire to explore the unknown.
22. Their laughter could kindle positivity in the darkest of days.
23. A simple act of kindness can kindle a chain reaction of goodwill.
24. The teacher's passion for learning kindled curiosity in her students.
25. Through hard work and dedication, they kindled success from nothing.



ignite, extinguish, smother, douse


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