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How to pronounce versed (audio)


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Dictionary definition of versed

Knowledgeable, experienced, or skilled in a particular field or subject.
"She is well versed in classical literature and can discuss various authors and their works."

Detailed meaning of versed

When someone is "versed" in something, it means they have gained a significant level of expertise, understanding, or proficiency through study, practice, or practical experience. They possess a deep familiarity and comprehension of the intricacies and details related to the specific area of knowledge. Being versed in a subject implies that an individual is well-informed and capable of engaging in informed discussions, making sound judgments, or performing tasks with competence and confidence. Whether it pertains to art, science, literature, technology, or any other domain, someone who is versed demonstrates a high level of expertise and mastery in their respective field.

Example sentences containing versed

1. The professor is highly versed in quantum physics and has published numerous papers on the subject.
2. He is versed in multiple programming languages and can code in Java, Python, and C++.
3. The lawyer is well versed in corporate law and has handled several high-profile cases.
4. She is versed in culinary arts and can whip up delicious meals from various cuisines.
5. The tour guide is well versed in the history of the ancient ruins and can provide detailed explanations.
6. He is versed in financial analysis and can accurately interpret complex financial statements.

History and etymology of versed

The adjective 'versed' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'versatus,' which is the past participle of 'versare.' 'Versare' means 'to turn' or 'to be engaged in,' signifying repeated or skillful involvement in a particular activity or field. Over time, in English, 'versed' came to represent someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, or skilled in a specific subject or field of expertise. The term 'versed' reflects the idea of being well-practiced and adept through repeated engagement or involvement, emphasizing a person's proficiency and familiarity in a particular area of knowledge or skill.

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Further usage examples of versed

1. The doctor is well versed in alternative medicine and incorporates holistic practices into her treatments.
2. She is versed in graphic design and can create stunning visuals for marketing campaigns.
3. The engineer is well versed in structural design and can ensure the stability of buildings.
4. He is versed in foreign languages and can fluently speak Spanish, French, and German.
5. The IT specialist is highly versed in cybersecurity and can protect networks from potential threats.
6. She is well-versed in classical literature and poetry.
7. He's highly versed in the art of negotiation.
8. The professor is well-versed in quantum physics.
9. They are both well-versed in computer programming.
10. She's well-versed in ancient history and civilizations.
11. He's versed in the intricacies of financial markets.
12. The chef is versed in preparing gourmet dishes.
13. They are versed in the latest technological advancements.
14. She's well-versed in environmental conservation.
15. He's highly versed in international diplomacy.
16. The doctor is well-versed in cutting-edge medical research.
17. They are versed in the art of effective communication.
18. She's well-versed in the principles of psychology.
19. He's versed in various martial arts disciplines.
20. The musician is well-versed in multiple instruments.
21. They are versed in the nuances of corporate law.
22. She's well-versed in the world of fashion design.
23. He's highly versed in the history of architecture.
24. The biologist is well-versed in genetics and evolution.
25. They are versed in the intricacies of space exploration.



experienced, ignorant, unskilled, novice


SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 11, Knowledge and Wisdom

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